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Adam Henson - BBC Countryfile presenter and Happy Hot Tub Owner

Sunday night viewing

"Adam Henson is perhaps the best-known farmer in the UK, presenting his own section on BBC’s Countryfile to millions of viewers each Sunday evening. But farming and conservation are Adam’s first passions and when the camera stops rolling, there is still plenty of work to be done". Cotswold Farm Park

So why our sudden interest in Adam Henson? Is it because he is a popular TV presenter and shares his real-life farming stories on the BBC's Countryfile programme? Well, to be honest we have watched it a few times and his insights into British farming are very honest and informative. He also did a short series with the chef Nigel Slater at some point in his illustrious career. But it's nothing to do with his presenting career, it's more to do with his family home and business, The Cotswold Farm Park.

Luxury lodges

As well as the working farm, fun rides and regular farm-themed events, Cotswold Farm Park also offers a variety of accommodation types to suit all ages. From Moroccan-themed glamping tents, and family-size lodges with a private terrace. To camping, caravan and motorhome pitches. They also have three wooden camping pods - 'perfect for people who like camping but haven't got the kit'.

Cotswold Eco-Tubs

The great news is that Adam has chosen Cotswold Eco Tubs to supply their wood-fired hot tubs at his Cotswold Farm Park. It's the obvious choice for many reasons. As our happy hot tub owners would tell you, the wood-fired tubs are perfect for helping you kick-back and relax. When you step into your very own hot tub heaven your body and mind slowly unwind as you are enveloped in the warm bubbles. They will be the perfect addition to the Cotswold Farm Park and I'm sure they will be enjoyed not only by the guests, but also by Adam and his family and friends too! We're dying to see what they look like and where they will be positioned. So as soon as we get some pictures, we'll send out an update.

Best seller

When the experience of warmth, bubbles, light and colour is combined with the sweet aromas of wood fire fragrances the Burford Deluxe eco-tub provides a sanctuary of relaxation for all the senses. That's why it's the only one that we currently sell at Hot Tubs In France.

Find out more about owning your very own hot tub heaven. Contact Nicola at


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