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Best Bathing Temperatures

On our recent Hot Tubs Tour we were asked 'What is the best temperature for the most pleasant hot tub experience?' If you are using your hot tub in the summer months then you can either keep it cool and use the water as it is to stay cooler during the hottest days. Or with our eco-friendly wood-fired Burford Deluxe hot tub, you could light a low fire that will heat the water to a wonderfully warm temperature for using when the sun goes down.

Now we are moving into autumn and winter, you can still use your hot tub. It's not just something to enjoy in the summer. In fact, we think the best time of year is when there is a cold nip in the air, and you can just lie back and let the wonderfully warm water wash gently over your skin, revitalising your mind and body.

Comfort and Safety

For your comfort and safety there are recommended bathing temperatures. This is not just for hot tubs, but for showering and bath time too. The best temperature may also be affected by personal choice, age and certain medical conditions, like high blood pressure (hypertension). But you should always be extra careful spending any length of time in hot water.

Because the temperature of your wood-fired hot tub depends on you keeping the fire burning we recommend that you use a water-proof gauge to check the temperature while it's heating up. Once you reach your preferred bathing temperature then you just need to feed the burner once in a while to keep the water lovely and toasty. However, please bear in the mind the following recommendations.

Safest Temperatures

Even though hot tubs are fun if you don't use them properly they could pose health risks, especially if you get too hot. Ideally water temperature should never be higher than 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit). This is because an internal body temperature of more than 40°C can be harmful. An really high body temperature can cause:

  • Stomach and/or muscle cramps

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Headache

  • Dizziness

  • Weakness

So stay safe and always keep your shower, bath and hot tub at 40°C or less. For pregnant women, the recommend body temperature is slightly less, at 38 - 39°C. If you are pregnant please follow your doctor's orders about using a hot tub, bath or a sauna.

Comfortable Temperatures

The most comfortable temperature for your hot tub will depend on outside temperature, the mood you are trying to create, and your personal preferences.

If it's chilly outside then for most people anything between 37 and 40°C will feel pleasantly hot. If it’s a sunny day though, water temperature at 37° or lower will feel absolutely divine.

Let your body tell you what feels right. If you tend to overheat a little, then try the water a little bit cooler, and vice versa.

Ultimately, your ideal hot tub temperature is the one that feels best to you, and also falls within the safest temperatures that we have mentioned above.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Children can have as much fun in hot tubs as the grown-ups. However, as with all water features, you should always take extra care when there are children around. Never leave children unattended in or close to water.

To keep children safe in the hot tub we would recommend the following guidelines:

  • Don’t allow children under 5 years in the hot tub (or who cannot stand in the centre with their head above the water).

  • Always make sure children are supervised in and around the hot tub.

  • Keep the temperature below 40°C. For younger children, we would recommend a temperature of less than 37°C.

  • Don't let children jump and dive into a hot tub.

  • And more importantly, with the wood-fired hot tub keep children away from the burner.

Wonderful Memories

Everyone can stay safe and have lots of fun in a Burford Deluxe Hot Tub. Make wonderful, long-lasting memories with all your family and friends.

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