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Celebrate with Hot Tubs In France on 22nd August!

Slight change of plans. We are now holding our next Hot Tubs On Tour event at our home on Saturday 22nd August. And we would love it if you could come along to see us, because we are going to be celebrating 6 months in business.

When we moved to France in February this year we already had our Cotswold Hot Tub because we brought it with us for our holiday home. We loved it so much that when we decided to move, and were trying to think of ideas for a new business, selling them seemed an obvious choice. It was something we loved and we could speak from experience about owning one. Plus we had done all the research and comparisons between electric and wood-fired versions, and could offer our customers all the relevant facts and figures.

Successful start

We held our first successful Open Day at our home on February 29th. It was a nerve-racking experience, but we got through it. Even during the Covid lockdown months we still had orders coming in. And six months after we started Hot Tubs In France we have sold a staggering 34 tubs to happy new hot tub owners! Definitely a cause for a celebration.

Our hot tub takes pride of place in our garden and has recently had a LOT of use. Last week was a busy week with family staying over. Many 'Cool' tub memories were made - my nephew cooled off in the tub every day, and my niece insisted on cocktails in the tub before our evening meal.

Eventually my sister and I managed to get our turn...and we watched the stars from the tub nearly every night, and chatted until late!


It was during one of the late night conversations that we came up with the 'six month celebration' idea, and it tied in nicely with the last Hot Tubs On Tour date on August 22nd. We will be serving cold drinks at Hot Tubs HQ in Puy Cerut, 87510, from 11am until 6pm.

Come and join us and take a dip in our Bursford Deluxe Hot Tub. Changing facilities are available, so just bring your swimwear and towels. And we will be following government guidelines to protect ourselves and our visitors. If you are planning to make a day of it, we can recommend some very good local restaurants, for example, Le 147, the Saint Jouvent restaurant and Le Moulin de Chevillou. Get in touch if you'd like any more information.

Winter warmer

Over the next few months we will be promoting the use of the wood-fired hot tub as a wonderful autumn and winter warmer. Most people think of the tubs as being for warm summer evenings, and keep theirs covered in the winter. What a waste! There is nothing better than dipping into a warm tub and listening to the birds on a chilly morning.

Just ask the Scandinavians about the health benefits of a winter hot tub. You just have to be a little more careful, especially if there is a frost or ice on the ground. And maybe substitute the chilled glass of wine for a delicious 'vin chaud'.

Try before you buy

We also have a little offer on for anyone who is thinking about buying a Hot Tub, but would like to try it out properly before making that final commitment.

Here at Hot Tubs HQ we have our Limousin Lettings holiday gite that we rent out. From October 1st, if you book the gite for a minimum of two nights you get full use of the hot tub during your stay. Then, if you place an order before you leave we will give you one night's stay absolutely free! How's that for a great deal? Get in touch to book your stay, or if you want any more information.

Hope to see you soon at Hot Tubs In France

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