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Coming soon - Our new model range

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Steamy new hot tub models and great new accessories!

You asked. We delivered

After a strange, but promising first year in business, we have been encouraged by our customers, old and new, to expand our range of hot tubs. We have been working really hard to enhance our range of tubs and accessories to meet increasing customer demands. So when you ask, Hot Tubs in France delivers!

New 2 person 'Glyme' tub

Compact, but comfortable. The 'Glyme' is perfect for couples, families, friends and singles who want to enjoy a relaxing experience. The beauty of this small and well-designed tub, is that it has all the great features of the larger Cotswold Eco Tub models, but takes up less space. And you know what they say, 'Good things come in small packages'.

Sounds good, doesn't it? The other model we are looking at to boost our range is considerable larger than the 'Glyme' - it's even bigger than Cotswold's best-selling 'Burford Deluxe'.

New 8 person 'Winchcombe' tub

We're waiting for photos, dimensions and running cost comparisons. But the picture shows the difference in the interior size of the Burford Deluxe (left), and it's big brother, the Winchcombe (right).

We believe the Winchcombe will be the perfect tub to boost bookings for businesses such as holiday gites and camp sites. In fact, all our tubs will quickly pay back the investment with lots of WOW factor and rave reviews on online booking sites.

"Safe to say, one of the most beautiful campsites we have ever been. Very mellow and peaceful. The campsite places are very spacious and private. We slept in the Safari tent 2. The tent and the decoration were great. The tent was complete and had a hot tub! Sitting in the tub under the stars with a glass of red wine...can't get any better than that!

The devil is in the detail

So now we are working with Cotswold Eco Tubs to put together some affordable packages with some great new accessories. Because of the new haulage fees imposed as a result of Brexit, we have to ensure that prices and delivery times are acceptable for our customers. And as soon as we have agreed all the nitty-gritty details, you will be the first to know. We want you to have all the information you need to help you choose the right hot tub to suit you, and your family's needs.

Affordable Luxury

You need affordable luxury, an easy to install, simple to operate, eco-friendly design, that will make your hot tub your favourite place to be. We call it hot tub heaven and when you step into your very own hot tub, you will find out exactly what that means.

Find out first

To get the latest news, and details of our steamy new hot tubs and accessories, simply subscribe using the field below, call or email us and ask to be added to our mailing list. And as soon as we know when we can receive demo models of the new tubs, we will try and add another special event to our Hot Tubs On Tour itinerary.

Watch out for details of our next event at Chez Hot Tubs In France, Saturday 27th February

If you can't wait to own your own hot tub heaven, or want to find out how it could boost your business, contact Nicola at Hot Tubs In France.

Call direct on 0749 19 46 84 or email


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