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How to create your very own wood-fired retreat

Burford Deluxe hot tub and Haapa Sauna from Hot Tubs in France
Burford Deluxe hot tub and Haapa Sauna pod

Need to reduce your stress levels? Want to find a way to hack into your happy hormones?

Try to imagine a place where you always feel relaxed and content - your very own happy place. If that vision includes having your very own private sanctuary, conveniently situated in your own garden, then Hot Tubs In France are here to help. We really can make dreams come true.

Make your dream a reality

Picture this - a wonderful wood-fired retreat where you can enjoy all the health benefits of a steamy sauna and hot tub therapy - alone or with close friends and family. Now the reason I mention 'close friends' is because if you want to steam away the stress, the traditional way to do this is completely naked. And to enhance your traditional sauna therapy, in between your steamy sessions you should have a cold water dip. As we don't all have the benefit of a lake, river or even a pool then the next best thing is a 'cool tub'. Although for sauna therapy you should keep it cold for maximum effect and health benefits, personally, I prefer my bathing water slightly warmer than the outside temperature. But I'll try the traditional sauna way soon and I'll let you know.

Happiness and health

Saunas have been around for ages in various guises - hot springs, steam rooms, etc. So it's not a new short-term craze. The main reason saunas have been around for centuries is because they are linked to a range of health benefits. Regular use of a sauna can :

  • Lower stress levels - Saunas promote mental and physical relaxation because of the quiet atmosphere. Let the heat relax your body and take slow, deep breathes to calm you even further. This helps regulate your body’s energy.

  • Reduce pain and risk of illness - Because saunas are good for cardiovascular health, regular use may help prevent high blood pressure. Sauna therapy could also help prevent or reduce the pain and stiffness caused by rheumatism and arthritis. As well as potentially reducing the risk of illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Boost mental health - Early research has shown there is a positive link between sauna therapy and an improvement in the mental health of people suffering from depression. So using a sauna regularly, could support your mental wellbeing as well as physical health.

  • Improve the skin - A more visible benefit to using saunas is that they increase the skin’s moisture retention, which means they could benefit people who suffer with eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions.

Up Close and Personal

Before we made the final decision to include saunas in our wood-fired range we arranged a visit to the Cotswold Leisure Company headquarters in the UK. Armed with a very long list of questions, we chatted at great length about the two new wood-fired saunas. It was great to see the saunas up close - they exceeded all our expectations and look so much better in the flesh.

Solid construction, quality manufacturing and materials, and really easy to use. In fact, they're exactly like our hot tubs! Basically, light the sauna boiler about an hour before you want to use it, get changed, grab a drink (to stay hydrated), and a towel to sit on. And that's it!

Our sauna customers are very impressed too. In fact, Janine and Mark Marsh who run The Good Life France magazine have included a complete article about their wonderful wood-fired retreat!

Here's the review we received and a photo of their Haapa sauna and Glyme hot tub.

O.M.G. We LOVE it. The sauna is amazing and the hot tub is a dream come true. It's actually life changing. We laid out in the hot tub last night on a cold, starlit sky night and the feel good factor was so high we just couldn't stop smiling! I don't want to go anywhere now but stay home!
Two very very happy clients here - we seriously love our home spa. One of the things we missed most about being in the middle of nowhere was not being able to enjoy a little luxury like this once in a while, we've always loved Center Parcs, the whole smell of wood, outdoors life, being in nature thing - and now we have it outside our back door...

Sauna Open Day Coming Soon - I promise!

It's been a very busy year so far and although we originally planned to have an Open Day in February, the sauna we ordered as a demo was snapped up straight away! The next four saunas went superfast as well so we're trying again. We have ordered extra saunas so that we have some in stock and also one we can set up in our garden. So keep your eyes peeled for details of our next at Hot Tubs HQ Open Day (hopefully in June) when we'll be showcasing the Burford Deluxe and Kingham Hydro hot tubs, as well as a shiny new sauna.

Big Savings

If you are even a teeny bit interested in buying a wood-fired sauna for yourself, or for your holiday business get in touch ASAP. Order a matching hot tub and sauna and we'll offer you a great discount off your wood-fired retreat! And don't forget, new subscribers also get an extra 78€ off the price (sauna or hot tub).

Information and Advice

We know from our customer reviews that a wood-fired retreat is a heavenly place and can help you get into a relaxing wellness routine. And we know from personal experience that hot tubs and saunas are a wonderful way to soothe away everyday stress and strain.

Regardless of whether you already own one of our products or are thinking about buying, we can provide free advice on how to make the most of your investment. We know that it's a big decision and whether it is for personal or business use - or a bit of both! - it has to be right for you, your family and your life in France. So, if you have got any questions or would like to share a few of your happy hot tub or sauna moments, we'd love to hear from you. Happy Hot Tubbing!

Call Nicola on 0749 19 46 84 or email

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