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December's Daring Deliveries

Mechanical mayhem for our last deliveries in 2020

We should have known that 2020 was not going to leave quietly. We received our last batch of ten new hot tubs mid-December and quickly scheduled all the deliveries so that our customers would have them all perfectly set up in time for the holidays.

The final deliveries and installations were due to be made a few days before Christmas and we had already started to think about enjoying a little downtime. Little did we know that our last deliveries of 2020 would be the most difficult ones, but also the most interesting.


When Susan and Gary ordered their tub they did explain that the access to their garden was restricted. As a two man Hot Tubs In France team, and without lifting equipment, they knew that we would be onsite to offer advice and lend a helping hand. Gary had arranged for some friends and a neighbour to help out. Turns out the neighbour also had a manitou which was used to carefully lift the new tub over the wall and into the courtyard. Within an hour everything was set up - cleaned and fully operational. As per usual, we also made sure that the happy hot tub owners were confident about using their new wood-burning, eco-friendly tub.

When we arrived home after a very long day, the feedback we received from them made us smile. Another happy customer.

Looking forward to some much-needed chillin' tomorrow night.. and you can be sure there will be pics. Thanks to John and Paul for their head-scratching, master-minding and downright hard work (not to mention their time), our neighbour Jean-Louis for his manitou and skills (on a day when he was extremely busy), and of course Nicola and Tim for supplying and delivering and making sure everything was hunky dory before they left. They didn't even have a cup of tea! Thanks again. This will be a daily godsend!

Manzac Ferme

Next up was a wonderful camp site and new arrivals in France, Dave and Frances. They contacted us about buying a hot tub when they were still in the UK, just before leaving on their new French adventure. When Tim and I arrived at Manzac Ferme we were completely blown away. It is a stunning location, and if you are looking for peace and quiet on a grown-ups only camp site then we would definitely recommend it.

Their new Burford Deluxe hot tub is tucked away in a corner of the garden, and we got the impression that they couldn't wait to try it out. I think they were planning to do a bit of star-gazing from the comfort of their wood-fired hot tub. So we have got it delivered and installed right on time, because this month has seen lots of celestial activity.

Thank you Nicola and Tim for all your hard work delivering it and all your patience with my super-stressed, pre leaving UK emails. The hot tub has made our arrival to live in France...PARFAIT

Perfect location

No wall gets in the way of installing a hot tub when you have a man with a tractor, plus four strong, burly volunteers. It was another great team effort thanks to Sophie, Pedro, John and Harry, and not forgetting their neighbours with the lifting equipment. As you can see from the photos below, it was definitely worth the extra effort, because the oak Burford Deluxe looks absolutely perfect at Maison Ila.

And relax

Now me and Tim can chillout and put our feet up for a couple of weeks before we start another round of orders, deliveries and open days in 2021. We have had several enquiries already from small businesses asking if we will be doing another summer Hot Tubs On Tour or other events. It's definitely something we are planning to do, so fingers-crossed we are not impacted too much by COVID-19 restrictions. If you would like to host one of our events why not get in touch? It's a great opportunity for businesses to 'try before they buy' and event hosts get a great discount if they buy one.

Keep up to date

You don't have to be a happy hot tub owner to keep up to date with what's going on in the Hot Tubs In France world. Subscribe using the field below, or email us and ask to be added to our mailing list. And if you have any questions or suggestions for future blog articles, just let us know.

Best Wishes

And on that note, it just leaves us to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. We hope you get chance to kick back and relax over the holidays. I know we will, and our hot tub is calling my name right this minute.

If you would be interested in hosting a hot tubs open day, call and have a chat with Nicola on 0749 19 46 84. Or email

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