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Happy Hot Tub Business Owners #5

Pat's Tiles, Clussais la Pommeraie, 79190, Deux-Sèvres

A lot of the happy hot tub business owners we have told you about so far have been involved in the tourism industry. But now for an entrepreneur that is totally different, and someone who has found their new hot tub experience 'totally inspirational'.


Patricia Rowland is a freelance artist, who has recently set up her Facebook business page, Pat's Tiles, to promote some of her beautifully unique work. Pat lives in Clussais la Pommeraie, and when we installed her new hot tub this summer, she talked enthusiastically about her artwork. After creating a few tiles for her friends and family, the feedback was so good it encouraged her to set up her new business. So that's what she has done, and her tiles and commissioned works are proving to be really popular with all ages.

Traditional French tiles

She uses traditional French curved roofing tiles as her 'canvas' because they're durable and can be used outdoors, but the surface of the tile also gives added texture to her designs. Using acrylic paints and two coats of varnish also means they are pretty weatherproof. Although Pat does advise taking the tiles indoors during the winter, to protect them from the frost.


So we know the Burford Deluxe hot tub is a handsome beast, and fits in perfectly wherever it goes, but what was it about her new tub that inspired her?

Lying, relaxing in the tub definitely does inspire the flow of conversation, and an effortless progression of ideas generally follows. We LOVE it.

Pat Rowland, 'Pat's Tiles'

It certainly looks like someone is relaxing, and the tiles look brilliant displayed close by - obviously for more inspiration and contemplation.


The tiles cost €15 each, and ideally, they need to be collected because they are quite heavy, and postage could be expensive. However, she is more than happy to post if people cannot collect and will work out the cheapest and safest way to get them delivered.

Pat also has other art work for sale (price on asking), and she will also undertake private commissions. We have included a few of her recent items, but there are others available on her business page. If you are interested in buying a truly unique gift, for any occasion - birthday, Christmas, wedding, or for a special hot tub owner - you can message her via her Facebook page or email Pat at

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If you're interested in owning your own, wonderfully relaxing, hot tub heaven, or want to find out how it could boost your business, contact Nicola at Hot Tubs In France. Call direct on 0749 19 46 84 or email

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