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Happy Hot Tub Halloween

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

It's the spookiest time of the year and for most people it probably means dusting off last year's costume and going trick or treating with the grandchildren. Or, perhaps like one of my friends, you switch off all the lights, and pretend there's no-one home when there's a tap at the door. But if you're like me, then one of the best parts about Halloween is having an opportunity to dress up for a few hours without actually having to worry about looking your best. The outfits must be more Vampire and less Versace, more Ghostly less Gucci. And the only accessories you're going to need are hand-carved pumpkins and a bag or two of Haribo's!

Create a chilling experience

There is another alternative though. Why not incorporate your hot tub into your Halloween party and create your very own unique, chilling experience? You don't want to scare your guests too much though, so better start planning and preparing for it now. If you don’t want to freak them out, then make sure the hot tub and the water are clean before your party. If it's been a few weeks since you last filled it up, then drain, sanitise and refill it. And don't forget to test the water, so it's as clean and bacteria-free as possible for when your guests get in it.

Spooky invites

As with any party, and depending on your preference, you can invite everyone in the neighbourhood or just a small group of friends. But whether you invite people by email, messenger or by a written invitation, try and make it as spooky as possible. The number of people you invite is more than likely going to be based on how many people you can get in your hot tub. So I'd limit the number to how many you can comfortably fit in. Then maybe invite a few more, so the people not in the tub aren't stood around by themselves and feeling left out. Don't forget, when you send out the invite, make sure you tell people that it's a Halloween hot tub party and to bring their swimwear. I'd suggest they bring their own towels as well, and something warm to change into - it could be quite chilly at the end of October. On the plus side though, in France 1st November is La Toussaint, (All Saints Day) and it's a public holiday. Schools are out, so no stressing about having to get home early for the work or school run the next day.

Scary decorations

Decorating in and around your hot tub is a great way to set the mood. And you can't say that you can't find any because I think I've seen them in the shops for the last two months. There's also an abundance of pumpkins in the markets now as well. You could have a pumpkin carving competition and get everyone to carve their own, with a prize for the best and scariest design. Drape fake cobwebs on the steps, dangle some rubber spiders and bats from the trees, and place a few rubber rats and snakes in the grass. If you heat the hot tub water a little higher than normal, you can also create a great spooky mist! Just don't make it so hot that your party guests can't enjoy the experience.

Don't forget the snacks

Equally as important as Halloween decorations are the tasty, scary snacks. You can let your imagination go wild and drizzle everything with red food colouring for a blood effect. Or go ghastly green for a slime design. Just not too much though, and definitely not anywhere near your beautiful Burford Deluxe.

We can't guarantee that it won't stain your lovely tub and I'm not sure how the insurance company would view that kind of 'accidental damage'. But there are lots of quick and tasty Halloween party food and drinks recipes online, so I know you won't be stuck for ideas.

Send us your Halloween party photos

If I've planted the seed and you do have a hot tub Halloween party please share some of your photos on our Facebook page. We'd love to see what you get up to and who has the most imaginative costume. And even if you don't get in the hot tub, but you wear your scariest costumes to go trick or treating, make sure to send us a picture.

By the way, our 'spooktastic' offer will be finishing very soon. There's limited stock and only a few days left to grab a great deal. Get in touch to buy the Burford Deluxe and insulated leather cover for only €5500. We only have a few in stock but can deliver and install in the next 2 weeks. Why wait for the January sales when you can get a scarily good deal right now? Happy Hot Tubbing!

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