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Happy New Hot Tub Owners

As well as bringing in a couple of storms, October brought one of our busiest months in a long time. Because the days are getting shorter we seem to have been out delivering and installing for longer. But we're not complaining. It was great to catch up with everyone.

Our new hot tubs owners have all been waiting patiently for their deliveries, and had meticulously planned out the best location for their new tubs. If they are in a sheltered spot then your hot tub can be used as much in the autumn and winter as it is in the summer months.

Great locations

So, in no particular order, here our some fantastic photos and quick updates from our latest group of happy hot tub owners. Their messages are short and sweet, probably because they don't want to miss a single relaxing second in their amazing wood-fired hot tubs

We think the natural wood with grey fibreglass interior looks perfect next to the stone walls.

"Nice to meet you and Tim today, and thanks for your efforts with the hot tub."

(Location - Bougon)

"Absolutely loving it. We have been in every evening since you delivered it. Thank you both so much".

(Location - Clussais)

"The hot tub will certainly be getting use throughout the winter as well as the summer". (Location - Verneuil-Moustiers)

"Thanks so much for delivery today - we're filling up and will be ready to fire up for a dip tonight... Very excited! We'll let you know how we get on".

Later on that day, another wonderful message..

'We've had a lovely evening! Thanks so much!'

(Location - St Hilaire de Voust)

"Thanks for the delivery today - Julie & I are delighted with the Hot Tub - we think it fits extremely well into our landscaping plans !!"

(Location - Saint Mathieu)

"We are loving our hot tub!! Thanks so much Nicola & Tim from Hot Tubs in France"

(Location - Issigeac)


And last, but not least...this is so well thought out. Screens for privacy and a wind-break. Waterproof canopy for protection in all weathers. Close to the property for electric, water supply, and a quick dart inside when you need to replenish the fizz! Plus the cherry on the top, the Supreme steps with built-in wood store.

So whatever the weather, our happy hot tub owners can just kick back and relax.

Find out more about hot tub ownership by emailing Nicola at

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