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Happy to be associated with Chats de Chatillon

We have always had a three-year plan. Move to France, renovate the house, set up a business and get a cat (or two). It had to be in that order, more or less. And that's because I wouldn't want my cat to get distressed with all the mess, noise and rubble that inevitably comes with renovating an old stone property.

Business has taken off a lot quicker than we anticipated, and is taking up much of our time. We are now getting into a routine and the house is also coming along. We still want to get a pretty little kitty to make our loving home complete, and we are only a little way off completing that stage of the plan. So when I started seeing a few Facebook posts talking about fund-raising for a cat refuge in France, initially I thought 'let's adopt a cat'. On hearing why they were desperately trying to raise funds, my thoughts changed to 'what can we do to help?'

Changing lives

Chats de Chatillon is a non-profit cat refuge and sanctuary based just outside Parthenay. Cats and kittens are brought it that have been abandoned, injured, ill-treated and abused. Seriously ill or under-nourished animals often need to be isolated until they are given a clean bill of health by the vet. Sadly, some of these cats are diagnosed with infections or viruses that can be treated, but cannot be cured. They have less chance of being adopted, and will have to remain in isolation for the rest of their lives. 

Judy and Alan that run the refuge, are desperately trying to raise funds to buy two portable isolation units. With these units cats that have to stay in isolation would at least have a better quality of life. They can be moved outside to feel the sun on their backs, and play in the grass, without being a risk to other animals. 


Life-time medication and special diets for infected cats also costs more. And that's where Hot Tubs In France comes in. We contacted Judy at Chats de Chatillon and asked if we could sponsor one of the isolated cats, pretty little Pebbles.

Pebbles' Story

These photos are of Pebbles when she was first taken into the refuge (top left), and how she looks now.

She was in a desperate, deplorable condition when she arrived at Chats de Chatillon in February 2020. Aged between 1 and 2 years old, she weighed just 1 kg, and at first the vet thought she was a young kitten. If she had not been rescued she probably wouldn't have survived another day. Pebbles was just skin and bone, and had a multitude of severe medical complications. She didn't have the strength to struggle or lash out when she was being cleaned up, and examined. Pretty Pebbles battled against all the odds to become the sweet gentle little girl that she is today. Sadly her chances of finding a forever home are reduced because she has feline leukemia virus (FeLV)

There is no reason why she cannot have many happy years ahead - if she finds the right person to adopt, or foster her long-term. At the moment she is in remarkably good health, loves to play, and adores having cuddles. She would need a home where she is the only cat, and will need to remain indoors. Normal adoption fees have been waived for Pebbles in the hope of finding her a special, loving home.

The sponsor money given each month by Hot Tubs In France helps to pay for her ongoing medication and special dietary costs. Pebbles is such a brave, pretty girl, but those beautiful green eyes hint at the sadness and pain that she must have gone through just a few months ago.

A Helping Hand

Hot Tubs In France is very happy to be associated with this wonderful cat refuge, and with helping cats like Pebbles live a longer, more enjoyable life. We are also looking forward to meeting Judy and Alan in person. They are hoping to take a few hours out of their busy lives to come and see us at our next Hot Tubs On Tour event in Sainte Soline on the 25th July. Hopefully we will see you there too.

To find out more about the incredible work done by Chats de Chatillon, visit their website, or check out their Facebook page. If you are interested in adopting, fostering, donating, sponsoring or just going to help out - contact Judy via Facebook, or call 06 85 63 55 94.

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