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Hot Tub Hire

How to make your special events even more memorable

With lockdown restrictions being gradually lifted and curfew slowly being extended, now is a good time to start thinking about getting into socialising. Luckily in France the summer months are super warm, and we get to spend a lot of time outdoors. So if you're calendar is begging you to add a couple of select social gatherings with family and friends, why not set the ball rolling? Because you know as well as I do that whoever has the first party, that will be the one to beat. And when you tell them you have hired a hot tub for the weekend, people will be falling over themselves to get an invite!

Let's get the party started!

Once you've decided on the date now you just need to compile a VIP guest list. As people are still adjusting to a more normal life, they may be wary of attending a very large garden parties or all-night rave. So why not start small and have an exclusive, intimate gathering with a few of your nearest and dearest? You can always go bigger and better later on in the year when people get more used to socialising. Keeping it small means you could literally dip your toe in the water and hire a hot tub for the weekend. Now wouldn't that get the neighbours talking?

Romantic night under the stars

You don't have to invite a group of friends to make it a special event. Perhaps there is only one person in your life that you want to share a few hot tub moments with. And nothing is more romantic than an evening out under the stars, cuddling up in a luxurious warm, skin-caressing tub. You can ask any of our customers what is their best bathing experience and I'll bet most of them will tell you that it's star-gazing.

Wedding and events

If you have grander plans and a much-postponed special event coming up, then hiring a hot tub will make it even more memorable. And I don't just mean for weddings. We have had enquiries for kid's parties, hen and stag parties, charity fund-raisers, and even a corporate team-building event! That's the kind of company I would like to work for.

Easy to use

The hot tub hire package is simple to book, and even if you have never used a wood-burning tub before, then let me reassure you - it is really simple to use. I can even set it up by myself. Although I must admit I do prefer to let Tim do it. He's so much better at cutting wood and lighting a fire. And while he's busy being manly, I prepare the drinks and nibbles, and get a hot water bottle ready for wrapping the towels and dressing gowns in post-bathing.

Divine Burford Deluxe

Our solid, wood-burning eco tub has built in seats and stays warm much longer than inflatable tubs, because it comes with a light-weight, insulated lid. The Burford Deluxe can comfortably seat up to 6 people and has coloured internal LED lighting and a sumptuous air bubble massage system. It can take a couple of hours to heat up, but once it's hot and with the insulated lid on overnight, it doesn't take much to get it back up to your perfect bathing temperature the next day. In the summer you might not even feel the need to heat it up; you can use it as a cooling plunge pool instead. Unlike an outdoor pool, a hot tub can be used all year round. They are cheap to run - minimal amount of electricity used for the lights and bubbles - and the Burford tub holds around 850 litres of water, which in France does not add a lot to your water charges.

Perfect location

The location for your tub needs to be a firm, flat space that is more than 2.7m diameter. Bear in mind that a tub full of water and 6 people is not going to be light (could weigh up to 2 tonnes), so the ground really does need to be pretty solid. Because it has a wood-burner obviously it needs to be away from trees, and we recommend placing it a few metres away from buildings as well. To fill it you will need an outside tap and hosepipe, and to use the LED lights and air bubble system you also need an outside socket or an extension lead. But remember, the water that fills it will also need to be emptied out at some stage, so think about where you are going to drain the water as well. These are all things that we can advise you on when you are ready to hire your hot tub. So if you are not sure about anything, just give us a call.

Here's the deal

The hot tub for hire is our best-selling Burford Deluxe so you just know it's going to add luxury to any event. Plus it's fibreglass interior is really easy to clean and sanitise.

The hire package includes the 6 person wood-fired hot tub, drinks holder, wooden steps, and insulated hot tub cover. Full set up is also included - positioning the hot tub in your desired location, enough firelighters, kindling and wood to get the tub up and running. Chlorine kit, floating dispenser and water pH testing strips, and full on-site training whilst the tub is filling up with water. If the property is within 50 km of Hot Tub HQ then you also get free delivery*.

The technical details : The Burford Deluxe is 2m in diameter and 1m high. It can weigh up to 2 tonne with 850 litres of water and 6 adults in it, and uses a standard electric plug for the optional lights and air-bubble system.

Delivery and installation

We need to be able to drive to the hot tub location and get as close as possible to where you want the tub positioned. Access from the road or driveway must be big enough for our van and trailer to get in, so approximately 2.8 wide. The tub is transported upright on the trailer and measures 1.8m by 2.4m. So to move it into position this is how much space we need - unless of course you have a good neighbour with a manitou who can do the lifting for us!

The hot tub is provided for private use only, and you need to sign a hire agreement, and pay a non-refundable deposit in order to confirm your booking. Full week hire and weekends are from 497€. And I think you'll agree, that's a really reasonable price to pay for a few days of ultimate outdoor spa luxury. But here's the best part - if you decide to buy a Burford Deluxe tub within 3 months of the date of your event, we will give you a 200€ discount off the purchase price. So you can try before you buy AND get money off.

*if your property is outside of our free delivery 50km radius, don't despair. Just call us and we will give you a personal quote.

Find out more

Get in touch if you have any questions or want a personal quote. We can walk you through everything that you will need for hiring your hot tub, so don't be afraid to ask. If you are in or around the La Sudrie (16310) this weekend, then come and see us at Forest Meadow Retreat Open Day. It's going to be a great day out and we're looking forward to seeing everyone there, and maybe even having a pampering session or two.

To contact Hot Tubs In France, call direct on 0749 19 46 84.

Or email hottubsinfrance@gmail.com

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