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NEW Hot Tub Locations Map

Find your nearest friendly Hot Tubs in France location

Although we supply, deliver and install Cotswold Eco Tubs all across France, it's not always possible for potential customers to get to one of our open day events, or to visit Hot Tubs HQ near Limoges. So I have come up with a cunning plan. Well, it's actually a map, but it's definitely cunning and I hope you're going to like it. Because there's something in it for everyone in our hot tub family.

"I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel! - Blackadder Quotes Series 3

We love travelling the country, going to events, making new friends and showing off our Burford Deluxe hot tub. But it's not always practical, especially when we have deliveries to schedule in, because we both have to go in order to set up the tub. Plus I think we'd lose a few 5* reviews if we were never home to answer calls and email enquiries.


When we were out on a recent delivery I had what I think you would call a 'Eureka!' moment. Because our new customer hadn't actually seen one of our tubs in the flesh, they'd done a lot of research and read our customer feedback on Google. So they were pretty confident that me and Tim were going to turn up as planned with their shiny new hot tub. However, on the journey home I realised that we'd delivered in or around that area before. And with hindsight we could have asked our other customer if they were happy to demonstrate their tub on our behalf.

Enthusiastic owners

Lots of our happy hot tub owners have offered to hold events or demos of their hot tubs to help us out. When you see for yourself how good a product looks and how enthusiastic people are about it, then it can be the deciding factor when you are spending a lot of money. You wouldn't believe how long it took me and Tim to decide on our Burford Deluxe. We got there in the end, but only after I had answers to my long list of questions and viewed the tub in action.

Where in the world

When we arrived home that evening I checked the map to see where both properties were located and there was less than an hour's drive between them. It would have been a quick call with both parties to set something up and would have answered a few of our new customer's concerns, before they committed to ordering. It's a lesson learned and gave me a bright idea. With the help of Google I'm creating a Hot Tubs in France Locations map with virtual pins to show where we've delivered to since setting up the business. Hopefully it will enable us to connect potential new customers with a friendly face and someone who can put their minds at ease.

Our gift to you

Then I thought, if people are willing to give up their time to advertise our business, what can we do to repay them? It's hard enough deciding what to get family for Christmas, and even more difficult thinking of gift ideas for the whole hot tub family! Then I asked Tim what present he would like. So instead of sending a basket of fruit or a case of wine, this is what we're going to do.

  • If I get an order from someone that's been referred by an existing customer, then the referrer gets €50.

  • If I arrange a demo with an existing customer which results in an order, then the existing customer gets €50.

  • If an existing customer arranges their own a demo and gets an order, without my involvement then they'll get €100.

Get your business on the map

There's no limit to the number of gifts you can get. It's just our way of saying Thank you for being loyal customers. It is also a great way to get your own business on the map, because you could combine a hot tub event with launching your new business, or showcasing some of your own work. And we are always happy to promote our happy hot tub business owners, which means you could get more visitors, more business and a huge Thank You from us!

With your permission

Just to be crystal-clear, I'm only adding postcodes and towns to the map (no personal identifying data is included). I'll ask your permission to add a line that says something like 'Viewings by appointment only'. That way I know who to ask if someone is interested in seeing a hot tub, if they can't get to one of our events. I've already run the idea past of few people and had some very kind, positive and supportive feedback. So I'm hoping to be able to share my Hot Tubs In France Locations map with you in the not to distant future. Then you can all share your ideas and feedback.

Get in touch

As always, if you have questions about anything hot tub related please get in touch. We are out on Sunday 14th November showing off the Burford Deluxe at the Christmas Fair in Lessac 16500. Maybe we'll see you there and can catch up over some mulled wine and a mince pie.

I almost forgot. We have got very low stock at the minute - only 4 Burford Deluxe tubs with insulated cover (5500€), and 2 Supreme steps (400€). When they are gone the new prices apply and it could be January or February before we get our next delivery. Order now and we can deliver in time for Christmas, so please let me know ASAP. Alternatively, reserve now by paying a deposit and we can deliver in the New Year.

Stay safe and warm and Happy Hot Tubbing!

Contact Nicola or Tim at Hot Tubs In France. Call direct on 0749 19 46 84 or email

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