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Hot Tubs On Tour. Sunday 12th July 2020 at La Grange Charton, Champagne-Mouton

Hot Tubs On Tour is making it's way over to Champagne-Mouton on Sunday 12th July, to La Grange Charton. This is the home of our very good friends, Kate and Lin. They very kindly offered their family home as a venue for our upcoming tour. We are confident that this beautiful home setting will demonstrate that the Cotswold Eco tub does not look out of place anywhere.

The classic design of the Burford Deluxe hot tub is aesthetically pleasing, and a wonderful addition to any garden. It's a truly beautiful, and extremely practical piece of garden furniture.

Hot Tub Heaven

We're inviting people to try out our hot tub at our tour events. We have to warn you though. Once you step into your very own hot tub heaven, you'll wonder how you have managed to survive without one. And when you compare the costs of buying and maintaining a wood-fired hot tub with the best selling electric version, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Not only is a wood-fired hot tub less expensive to buy and install, it's also cheaper to run and there is no costly servicing and maintenance either.

Did we mention that we provide free delivery* and installation as well?

Where are we going?

On Sunday 12th July we are at La Grange Charton, 16350, Champagne-Mouton. This is the family home of Kate and Lin. They both work, although Kate is taking some time off at the moment after the birth of their new baby. Lin is self-employed - A.S Plastering and Tiling - providing quality services throughout the Charente region, but also venturing into other regions, as long as it's not too far from his lovely family.

He is renowned for his professionalism and good workmanship, but best thing of all he is friendly! Which is just as well, as we will be taking over his garden for a few hours.

Kick back and relax

If you want to try out our Burford Deluxe hot tub on the day then it's not a problem. Kate and Lin are happy for people to get changed in their house, but please remember this is someone's home. So you must bring all your own things with you, for example towels and toiletries. Even though this is a private event, we also ask that government guidelines are followed. This is for your health and safety as well as our own.

Light refreshments will be provided on the day, but unlike some of our other locations, this will be limited to drinks only. So if you are intending to make a day of it then let us know. I'm sure that we can provide you with some great, local recommendations for lunch or snacks.

If you want to ask us any questions about the event and how to get there, please contact us at Or if you would like to know more about A.S. Plastering and Tiling, then visit their Facebook page.

Are you busy on Sunday 12th July? Check out our other Hot Tubs On Tour dates and locations. Better still, why not host an event at your place? We are always on the lookout for new and exciting locations where we can show off our divine wood-fired hot tubs.

The wood-fired Cotswold Eco Tub will add luxury and sensual relaxation to your leisure time. Create an unforgettable experience with your family, socialise with your friends or simply grab some 'me time'.

* Delivery charges and installation costs are FREE if the delivery location is within 1 hour radius of our business address. If the delivery location is more than 1 hour away we still install for free, but the delivery charge will depend on your location (Fuel charge per km outside of the 1 hr radius). Please contact us to confirm the charges, because occasionally we may have a promotion on where free delivery is a 2 hour radius of our base.

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