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It's Ginger Cat Appreciation Day!

The 1st of September is officially Ginger Cat Appreciation Day. And Hot Tubs In France is delighted to share a photo of a very brave and beautiful ginger cat, pretty little Pebbles. Isn't she gorgeous?

We found out about Pebbles when we heard that the Chats de Chatillon cat refuge were trying to raise funds to buy two portable isolation units. They need the units because they take in cats and kittens that may have highly infectious conditions. So until they have been fully tested, they have to be kept away from the others. And because the isolation units are portable it means that they can be moved outside. So for the cats that need to be kept isolated long-term it means they can play in the grass, and laze in the sunshine whilst still being kept away from the other animals.

Sad story

Being cat lovers, this really pulled at our heart-strings, and when we read Pebbles' sad story, we knew we had to help. Although Pebbles is available for adoption, because of her condition, she has much less chance of being adopted. She has been diagnosed with feline leukemia virus and will have to stay away from other cats for the rest of her life.


So after a chat we Judy who runs the Chats de Chatillon cat refuge, we decided to sponsor Pebbles, by making regular monthly donations. The money we donate each month goes towards paying for the special diet, additional medication and extra attention that she needs.

She has made incredible progress considering the state she was in when she was first arrived at the cat refuge. Poor Pebbles weighed about 1 kg and the vet didn't think she would survive the day, because she was in such an awful condition.

To look at her now, with her wonderful ginger coat and beautiful green eyes, you wouldn't think it was the same animal !

How you can help

We met Judy and Alan at our recent Hot Tubs On Tour event at Le Petit Moulin, Ste Soline. They are an amazing couple, dedicated to finding forever homes for all the cats and kittens brought to their cat refuge near Parthenay. If you would like to help Chats de Chatillon continue to do such excellent work saving lives, or if you are interested in adopting, fostering or donating, you can get in touch via their website.

Judy and Alan from Chats de Chatillon at our Hot Tubs On Tour event at Le Petit Moulin, Ste Soline.

Another Ginger Cat

And there's another Ginger Cat that we have recently discovered here in France, and that's the Ginger Cat Brewery. They make a wonderful selection of beers, perfect served chilled on a hot summer's day, or to enjoy on a warm evening when you are relaxing in your hot tub heaven.

Share your gingers!

So on Ginger Cat Appreciation Day we have shown you our favourite gingers. Now show us yours!


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