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National Hot Tub Day 28th March

Why Hot Tubs Are Worth Celebrating

National Hot Tub Day is celebrated every year on 28th March, so you know what that means don't you? Yes, it's another excuse to kickback and relax in your hot tub (not that we need any encouragement). If you haven't invested in one of our eco-friendly, wood-burning tubs yet, no problem. You can run yourself a bath, and maybe make room for a little one to squeeze in with you to join in the celebrations.

Make it extra special

While you may not need another reason to enjoy a luxurious spa experience, we think it's a great opportunity to celebrate on the same day as millions of other hot tub owners around the world. And to help make the event extra special, we have picked out a few fun activities and treats for you.

5 ways to celebrate

1. Treat yourself to a new hot tub accessory

- Towel hook. Keep your towel within easy reach, so it isn't sitting on the edge of your tub where it could slip in.

- Supreme Wooden Steps. Not only do they make entry and exit from your tub much safer, but they also make a perfect location to store your wood for the burner.

- Outdoor speakers. whether you are relaxing alone, or with family and friends enjoying the spa together, a good set of weather-resistant outdoor speakers is a great addition to the hot tub ambiance.

2. Play some hot tub games

- Waterproof cards and games. Waterproof playing cards are a great way to bring some of your favourite games into the hot tub with you. Use a floating surface as a table and then you can play other games as well, such as chess or draughts.

- Cold Shower. Fill a balloon with freezing cold water and make sure it's tied off securely. Each player takes a seat on the edge of the hot tub. You take it in turns passing the balloon around, and holding it above his or her head for five seconds. Eventually, the balloon will burst, and one unlucky person will get drenched in freezing cold water.

3. Aromatherapy session

We're often asked if there are any scented oils that could be used in the hot tub, to enhance the bathing experience. Unfortunately adding scented oils to a hot tub will affect the filter and could cause damage, but there are some safe scented products you can buy. We love the InSPAration range, all tried and tested and suitable for hot tub use.

4. Hot Tub Yoga

Why not try practicing a few yoga moves in your next hot tub session? There are lots of relaxing poses which will help increase your circulation and metabolism, and helpful videos on YouTube, like the one we have included below.

5. Plan a romantic date night

Perhaps you’d rather celebrate with someone special, with no kids around or any other distractions. Hot tubs are a great location for a romantic evening with your loved one. Think about all the things that would make a romantic hot tub experience more cosy and comfortable - soft, warm dressing gowns and slippers for walking to and from the tub. Make sure you leave all your mobile phones far away and in silent mode. Light a few candles, have a few tasty nibbles and a chilled bottle of wine close by. You could maybe even incorporate an aromatherapy session to truly awaken the senses.

Daily event

Hot tubs not only provide relaxation, but they also have proven health benefits and that's why we think every day should be National Hot Tub Day!

hot tub at night with coloured lights and bubbling water
Cotswold Eco Tubs - Burford Deluxe model

To mark the event this year we are giving away a special gift to help you celebrate your ultimate luxury spa experience. With every hot tub order placed between 28th March and 4th April 2021 you will receive a free bottle of Champagne. It will fit perfectly in the new wine cooler that is included with all our hot tub models (not shown on this image).

Book a demo

If you would like to 'try before you buy' and see the Burford Deluxe eco tub in action then give us a call. We can arrange a private demonstration just for you at our Hot Tubs In France HQ. Call today and join our happy group of hot tubbers !

Are you interested in owning a hot tub? Want to host an event, or find out how our hot tubs could help boost your business? Call 0033 (0)749 19 46 84 or email


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