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New Cotswold EcoCube

We are always interested in hearing about new eco-friendly products, and a couple of months ago read an article in 'Dezeen' about a new 'off-grid living space' based in south west France. The Bordeaux studio A6A and the construction company 'My Little Loft' have created a wooden cabin, which has a timber frame of responsibly sourced local pine plywood from Landes, and spruce from the Limousin region. It was the Limousin spruce that aroused our interest, because that's where our home and Hot Tub business are based.

Modular construction

The first cabin was constructed in 2018 in their workshop and then transported to the site. Since then they have started producing and selling different sized cabins and configurations, based on a more modular construction. They look good and the idea is great. However, forking out 30,000€ for a wooden box, and paying extra for doors, windows and dividing walls takes it close to 50k euros. Compare that with the property prices in France and it blows itself out of the water. And remember, you still have to buy the land to put it on. In summary, we like the principal, but definitely not the price.

Cotswold Leisure Company

But then, along comes a newsletter from our hot tub suppliers, Cotswold Eco Tubs telling us about new products, re-branding, etc. Their new website - The Cotswold Leisure Company

- has got me very excited. Their new 'Plug and Play' EcoCube has got all kinds of 'unique holiday experience' and 'luxury glamping' ideas buzzing around my head. And with so many quality features included as standard, we're seriously considering buying one to move into while we finish renovating our property.

Key Features

  • Spacious 21 sq metres (internally)

  • 11m x 2.9m (including pergola)

  • Fully Assembled

  • Fully plumbed & wired (with electric certificate) ready to be connected

  • Fitted kitchen inclusive of sink, fridge & oven

  • Bright and generous bedroom & living area

  • Fitted wet room

  • 200mm wall, 250mm roof & 50mm floor 'Isover Insulation' for year round comfort

  • Electric water central heating

  • 'Thermowood Cladding' built on a timber frame for longevity

  • Parquet or laminate flooring as standard

  • Low maintenance


The Cotswold EcoCube is much more affordable than the French design, and I think it would appeal to a wider audience. It's fully assembled for a start, and just needs to be plumbed in and connected to the mains. If you wanted to be 'completely off-grid' then you wouldn't even need to connect it. From luxury glamping and outdoor office space, to your own private bar or even a granny annex. It would be ideal for escaping and self-isolating from the rest of the world too! The possibilities are endless.


Talking about going 'off grid'. Have you seen the new Cotswold Serenity Hot Tub? The 'Serenity' is a solar-powered version of the best-selling Burford Deluxe. It still has lights and the wood burner, but without the air bubble system. Totally eco-friendly. Perfect peace and tranquillity.

"Serenity - the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled".

All I want for Christmas

We can't wait for lockdown to be over so we can go and see the Cotswold EcoCube in the flesh. There is even a possibility that we could add this to our business portfolio. I think it would make a lovely little Hot Tub accessory, don't you? So this year, if anyone asks what I want for Christmas, the Cotswold EcoCube is going to be top of my list. I'm just not sure how Santa will get it down the chimney.

Image credit: #KrakenImages

Find out more

If you want more information about any of these Cotswold products, please get in touch with us - Hot Tubs In France. Email us at


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