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Pool vs Hot Tub

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

If you could have a pool or a hot tub which one would you choose?

When we were planning our move to France one of the things I dreamed of having was a large, heated swimming pool. And because properties in rural France generally come with plenty of land, my dream didn't seem too unrealistic - until we fell in love with our barn renovation. It came with a lot of woodland, and a garden that would be big enough for a pool, but then there wouldn't be a lot of garden left to enjoy. Even a small pool takes up a lot of space.

Sadly, much as I have always loved the idea of having our own private, heated pool - and still do - the reality of it was that we couldn't justify the cost. Especially for something that would be covered up for 6-7 months of the year. So, I did a bit of research (OK, a lot of research!), and that was when we decided to look into getting a hot tub instead. We wanted something that was affordable, could be used all year round, that didn't cost a fortune to heat, and was easy to keep clean. The Cotswold Eco-tub ticked all the boxes, with the added benefits of being easy on the eye, and not taking up half the garden! We looked at electric tubs, but ruled them out because of the servicing and running costs. And inflatable tubs were a No Go because I don't think they're very attractive or long-lasting.


Business decision

Because friends and family that came to stay loved the tub as much as we did, that was how we came to set up the business. It's certainly much easier for us installing hot tubs, than it would be to install swimming pools. Factors outside of our control, such as Covid, Brexit and manufacturer delays have occasionally made us question our business decision. But getting wonderful feedback about the hot tubs and our customer service always makes everything worth while.

An awesome hot tub provided by an awesome couple. Pleasantly surprised by how quickly the water heats up, and that it stays so warm. All in all, a great experience and an excellent purchase. Bron Armour, Google reviews

More hot tub bonuses

Even now, after 18 months delivering all across France, from Brittany to the Pyrenees, for us there is only one way to relax and unwind. We use our hot tub several times a week, all year long. Because of the amount of rain we've had this year, we're now planning to build some kind of waterproof pergola, so we can use the tub more often. If we'd installed a pool instead, would we have used it as frequently as the tub? Probably not, because personally I think it would be more hassle getting a pool cover off and on, than the hot tub one. For exercise a pool is obviously more beneficial, but only when it's warm. Saying that though, there's been a lot of research into hot tub health benefits recently, which makes me think the tub is almost on a par in that respect.

The new Burford Hydro model even has massage jets, so that's another bonus. And all our Cotswold Eco Tubs are wood-burners, which makes them eco-friendly. Can you get eco-friendly pool heating systems, or would that be an optional extra?

How often do people take a dip in the pool when it's dark? The hot tub can be used day and night, and we have had some of our best moments relaxing in the tub on a chilly evening. When the skies are cloud-free, and we can sip mugs of hot chocolate laced with Cognac, while we sit and gaze at the stars.

Perfect location

And whilst we're on the subject, what about the benefits of being able to position your hot tub almost anywhere you like, to take advantage of your incredible location? I must admit I am a little bit envious of some - a lot! - of our happy hot tub owners. They are in such beautiful areas, surrounded by rolling countryside or looking out over fields of sunflowers and acres of vineyards. One of our most recent deliveries was on the side of a hill, looking down over a river and across rooftops. You don't get that with a swimming pool.

Have your say

Because we have never had a pool I can't really comment on the advantages of owning one. I've given you my opinions on owning a hot tub, so tell me what you think. Would you prefer a pool or a hot tub? I'm really looking forward to hearing your side of the debate.

In the meantime, if there is anything you want to ask about owning a hot tub, hosting an event or something completely different, just call or email us. On Saturday we're at Mad Hatter's Kitchen, Caunay 79190. Come and see us there if you can and you'll see the divine Burford Deluxe in all it's glory. Have a great weekend. Happy hot tubbing!

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