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Raise a glass on International Champagne Day

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

This year, the International Champagne Day is on the 22nd of October. And what better way to celebrate than with a bottle of chilled bubbly in a warm, bubbling hot tub. I'll drink to that!

I bet some great memories come to mind when you hear the word 'champagne' don't they? They do with me too. Wonderful family celebrations, nights out with friends, hen-parties, girlie nights in. OK so me and my girlfriends do like to celebrate in style occasionally. But since we decided to move to France and then set up the hot tub business, there have been lots of reasons to celebrate. We always give our new customers a bottle when we have finished installing their new tub. And when we have our Open Day events, you can be sure attendees are offered a glass or two of bubbly (or beer if you prefer) while we are chatting.

Why an International Champagne Day

Well, why not? 2021 marks the 12th anniversary of an event that was created to celebrate champagne, the "Wine of Kings and the King of Wines". All around the world, people will be celebrating champagne today. And I think we should join them, especially as we have family staying with us at the moment. So it's another great excuse to fire up the hot tub - not that we needed one!

Facts about fizz

For those of us who love Champagne and even if you don't, as is the norm for my blogs I have looked up a few facts about fizz.

  • Champagne is a wine name and a region in France and only sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region can be called Champagne.

  • The first vines were planted in the Champagne region by the Romans in 57BC.

  • The first time a sparkling wine was mentioned in England in was in 1676 and they thought the fizz was a fault with the wine.

  • Despite increasing demand in England, wine producers in Champagne were reluctant to produce sparkling wine because up to 90% of the bottles exploded in the cellars, causing loss of wine, injury and even death.

  • During both world wars, Champagne houses were forced to provide huge quantities of wine for winning armies.

  • Champagne has a low sugar content, great acidity and a richness of flavours, which makes it an ideal pairing with lots of different dishes.

  • James Bond loves a glass of Champagne. In 21 James Bond films Champagne is drunk 35 times as compared with Vodka Martini a mere 22 times.

Not sure if this last 'fact' might have changed now because of the latest film. So if you have seen it let me know if I need to update the numbers. Sounds like a good reason to go and see it, doesn't it? - 'Nicola wants me to count how many glasses of Champagne James Bond drinks, and Vodka Martinis'.

Photos of fizz

We receive lots of photos from our happy hot tub owners sipping Champagne, Prosecco and other cool fizz, so I think a Gallery is in order. (I might have to censor some of them though, you wicked people!) But I'm going to precede the photos with one of my favourite 5 star reviews.

Took delivery yesterday of our new Burford Hydro hot tub. ..the whole process could not have been smoother. Nicola kept us regularly up to date on progress, and Tim took no time at all to complete the installation. Showing all the restraint of a pair of spoilt two year olds we got the fire flashed up, and spent a couple hours lolling about in the tub, watching the stars come out whilst quaffing champagne. This is the ultimate expression of decadence. Had to go back and do it all again this afternoon in the rain, sans champagne. Most of this winter is going to be whiled away being philosophical whilst up to our necks in warm water. Perfect! Charles Hill, September 2021

Pretty sure a lot more Champagne will have been quaffed in that hot tub since then.

Gentle reminders

Just to remind you that you only have a few days left to order your Burford Deluxe at our discounted prices. We know you love a bargain and the Burford Deluxe offer (5500€ including insulated leather cover) is one of the best. Grab a great deal while you still can as this offer won't be around much longer. We've also got a Winchcombe 8 seater and a cosy 2-person Glyme available. If you're interested in any of these fabulous tubs call or email me. Then you too could be sipping Champagne and enjoying a deliciously warm bubbly bathing experience in the next couple of weeks. Reserve one now as a wonderful surprise present and it could be delivered to you in time for Christmas.

And talking of Christmas, don't forget we'll be in Lessac 16550 on Sunday14th November for the 'Foire de Noël'. I'm really looking forward to mingling with all the artisans and creators who will be there selling all their beautiful products. It will be a great day and I hope you can join us.

In the meantime, let's raise a glass to celebrate International Champagne Day today. Cheers everyone and Happy Hot Tubbing !

To contact Hot Tubs In France, call direct on 0749 19 46 84.

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