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Get Ready to Steam Away the Stress

You may have seen our latest Facebook posts and the first two wood-fired sauna deliveries in Normandy and Angouleme. Since then my phone and Inbox have been buzzing with enquiries, all asking similar questions. So if you have been trying to get through, maybe these questions and answers will help.

Can we have a Cotswold Eco sauna?

Of course, you can! Your wood-fired sauna could be the perfect place for you and your family or friends to relax and improve your health. Get in touch to find out all about our latest Wellness offers and to see if we have a special discount on delivery.

Where should I put my new sauna?

If you have a pool then placing it close by will help you create a traditional, Finnish-style hot/cold spa routine.

Or maybe you want to position your hand-crafted sauna pod where you have the most beautiful views. Watch the wildlife and nature through the large, wonderful arched window whilst you relax and steam away the stress. The window is a good size for letting in lots of natural daylight too.

Whilst I'm on the topic of lighting, one of the things I love about this modern design sauna is the under-seat LED lighting. It creates the most stunning soft glow in the darkness - some might even go as far as saying it is romantic mood lighting...

Also, around the porch there is another strip of LED lights which illuminate the outside area

and add a touch of mystical beauty to this fabulous sauna - maybe a touch of je ne sais quoi.

What about putting it next to the hot tub?

Perfect. If you already have a hot tub, then you could position it close by, so you can move from one to the other. If you are brave enough you could do a 'Joe wicks' and have a cold tub, even in Winter! I will let you know how this feels when our next delivery arrives in April/May. I had hoped to try out one of the saunas from our first delivery, but they got snapped up! It means the Hot Tubs HQ Open Day also had to be put on hold.

Your sauna hut could be next to your house, like our Normandy delivery this week. And as I often suggest to new hot tubs customers, sometimes the nearer the better. That way you don't have far too walk when it's cold outside. With the hot tubs though it's all about the view when you are sitting back and relaxing it. Lots of our happy hot tub owners strategically place their new eco tubs away from the house - surrounded by woodlands or overlooking fields, vineyards or the Pyrenees.

But I digress (as I normally do when I have hot tub bathing on my mind).

While your sauna is heating up, you can get your towels, flipflops and warm robe ready. It's also a good idea take a bottle of water in with you too. You need to drink plenty of water so that you stay hydrated. But wherever you decide is the best place for your sauna (or hot tub), please remember that we need to actually get them into your garden!

What sort of access do I need?

Tim is super-strong and he has been referred to as a human forklift. Unfortunately, even with a willing extra pairs of hands, he can't get the saunas off the trailer. Unless one of your friends or neighbours is Superman then mechanical assistance is required. But don’t panic. There are plenty of plant hire companies and local farmers who are happy to help. Plus we can advise and go through the delivery and installation process with you, so it is not a problem.

Most telescopic handlers (manitou) can lift even a heavy sauna slowly and carefully from the trailer into most areas. The operator can extend the reach to raise and manoeuvre the sauna over all sorts of obstacles to get it into your desired position. Tim is an expert now and can offer lots of advice now that he has two sauna deliveries under his belt - with three more deliveries planned in March.

So if you are unsure, please call us. Instead of worrying whether you can lift the sauna over a high garden wall, just imagine yourself and that special someone relaxed and stress-free in your own private sauna.

What size base will I need?

You will need a gravel base, or something similar, to put the sauna on and it needs to be at least 3m by 2.4m. If you are starting the base from scratch, it can be positioned on gravel or an existing decking or patio area. If you need a plan, let me know and Tim can work with you to design a sketch to help you get started.

Do I need an electricity supply for the sauna?

The Cotswold Eco Sauna, has LED mood lighting inside and out which will work off an

extension lead if you don't have an outside socket.

What other accessories do I need?

Your new wood-fired sauna comes with a wooden pale, spoon and a thermometer. If you want you could get some extra special robes or towels just for your sauna. Or how about a very trendy new sauna hat?

Are wood-fired saunas easy to use?

Like the log burner in your home or hot tub, you need to make a fire with kindling and build it up a good hour or so before you plan to use it. The ideal hot room temperature is 175 – 180 degrees. When you put water on the rocks, it uses energy to convert it to steam, so it is typical to see 15 – 20 degree temperature drop over a couple of hours.

If it drops below 160 – 165 degrees, you won’t get very good steam.

It only takes a little practice to figure out how to manage and maintain the heat once it gets hot. So make sure you plan ahead and experiment with the heat before you arrange your first Sauna Party.

Personally, I like to get a good bed of hot coals and add a bigger log of dry fire wood one at a time. When you are ready to slip into the sauna, light a few candles and scented oil lamps or simply bask in the warm glow of the LED mood lighting.

How long can I stay in a sauna?

If you are not accustomed to sauna life, Finnish and Estonian spa experts recommend you build up your sauna time slowly. It is beneficial to have a sauna session of between 15 to 30 minutes, cool down for 15 minutes and then repeat. It is the hot and cold sessions that are the most beneficial. Again, make sure you drink before, during and after your sauna experience.

The authentic sauna experience is all about slowing down and enjoying a relaxing, sensual experience. Over time you'll find your own ideal time and temperature. So just relax and don't overdo it.

Will it cost a lot to run my sauna?

The running costs will all depend on the price your pay for the wood - or you may be one of the lucky ones, with a neat stack of logs and ready and waiting. You will be surprised just how little the burner takes to get the sauna pod to your desired temperature.

Although the saunas we stock are very traditional looking they have been designed with lots of insulation. The hand made hard wood shingle roof also does a great job retaining the heat.

A basket of seasoned wood and kindling will usually be sufficient for a sauna therapy session. I have been reliably informed that if you bring all the logs into the sauna, they they will heat up before you put them in stove, which increases the heat output and efficiency.

With our hot tub, we don't notice any increase in electricity costs when we use the LED lights or water jets. And I'd be very surprised if it isn't the same for your sauna.

I'm convinced and ready to order - how long will I have to wait?

As the saunas are hand built, we have already pre-ordered four more. One is already reserved, so

currently we have three available which are due to arrive at our storage yard in April. On average, we expect there will be at least a 6 to 8 week lead time, i.e. from ordering to arranging your delivery. To avoid disappointment, get in touch soon because based on the enquiries we have received recently, this second batch won't be around for very long!

Can I be cheeky and ask about any offers?

My motto is 'If you don't ask, you don't get'. Discounts will depend on the delivery details, how much assistance is required and whether any extra help is arranged by you or us.

So give us a call and we'll give you our best price - and that's a promise.

If you have got any questions or would like to share a few of your happy hot tub or sauna moments, we'd love to hear from you. Happy Hot Tubbing!


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