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Hassle-free hot tub for French holiday homes

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

You can have a hot tub at your holiday home...you will not need to worry about your electricity bills or whether your hot tub will encounter any electrical faults when it is left exposed to the elements all winter.

The Cotswold Eco Tubs are wood-burning hot tubs that are simple to use and hassle free. All you need is a supply of dry logs, a level surface to locate it on and a 13 amp plug for LED lights and air pump massage, which can be simply switched on when you arrive.

Unpack and Relax

Whilst you are unpacking your suitcases, you can put the hose into your tub and within the hour your tub will be ready to heat up. By the time you have sorted out your evening meal and stocked up the fridge, the wood will have heated up your hot tub.

The integrated stove operates the same way as a conventional wood burner in your home - all you do is make a small fire that will generate lots of heat; the heat then circulates around the tub. Within 2 hours (in winter) and much less in summer your hot tub will be ready to relax in...

But best of all, it is exceptionally easy to clean and requires very little maintenance!

The fibreglass interior is shaped into a comfortable wrap around seat, which is easy to access - unlike the complex shape of its electric counter part. Also, the exterior wood is treated with a oil (guaranteed for 7 years) that means you can leave it outside all year round - without a worry.

With no wet pumps or filters either, you will not have to service your hot tub every year - plus its fibreglass lid can withstand any weather.

Ultimately, you can leave your tub in confidence, and year after year your wood burning hot tub will look as good as new!

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