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Three Steps to Hot Tub Heaven

Am I showing my age with this Showaddywaddy version of Three Steps to Heaven? Hopefully not. But just to explain my thought process, what I want to do with this post is get across to potential new customers just how simple it is to order your new wood-burning tub from us. As soon as I started thinking about how quick, easy and customer-focussed our order and delivery process is, I swiftly changed to listing the stages; stages became steps, and then it became 3 steps. Et viola. Just think yourself lucky that I didn't stop at Steps.

Relax. Rejuvenate. Revive.

Just three little words, but to members of our happy hot tub family they describe hot tub heaven. So, if like so many other people, you dream of having your own private hot tub in the garden, who could blame you? Not only does a hot tub help you to relax, but there are so many other well-documented hydrotherapy health benefits to enjoy as well. And in the colder months, when our bodies complain a bit more than usual, you can ease those aches and pains, and soothe the stress of everyday life with a long, hot soak in your luxurious garden spa.

Thank you Nicola and Tim for all your expertise for an easy installation. You were so friendly and helpful and it was a pleasure meeting you both. We are so happy with the hot tub that we go in it most nights - it is so addictive and a great way to rest and relax. If anyone is thinking of buying one who lives near us in 79110, contact Nicola who can arrange for you to see ours. You won’t be disappointed. Albert & Wendy Cole

To ensure the steps to owning your hot tub heaven are stress free too, we have made our order, delivery and installation process as customer-friendly as possible. Whether you found us on Facebook, Google, Instagram, or in the Etcetera or Living Magazine. Your initial contact will either be by phone, email or message and I always try to reply within a few hours. Occasionally it takes a little bit longer if we are out delivering. Those initial enquiries are really important to us, so when I respond I try to answer as many of your questions as I can.

Step 1 - find a hot tub you love

Although half of our new customer enquiries are ready to order when they first contact us, we want people to know everything there is to know about our range of Cotswold Eco-Tubs. So that includes running costs, filling, cleaning, emptying and even ideal bathing temperatures. There's no better way to do this than by seeing the tub in action.

We offer a private viewing at Hot Tubs HQ, but if that is too far for you to travel, then we will contact a member of our Hot Tub family that might be nearer to you. Almost all of our existing customers are eager to show off their Glyme, Burford Deluxe and Winchcombe tubs. The added bonus with these home viewings is that you can be certain to get real, honest customer feedback from happy hot tub owners. Generally we can welcome you to a viewing at HQ with just a couple of days notice, but it might take a little bit longer to organise a visit to one of our lovely customers.

Step 2 - find the perfect view

Once you have fallen in love and decided on the tub for you, our order process can start almost immediately. We pre-order regularly (every 6-8 weeks) to ensure we have tubs in stock and ready to be delivered once you have decided on your colour combination. All we ask for to reserve your hot tub heaven is 10% of the total price. And if you are not quite ready when it arrives at our depot in France, we can store it for FREE too.

To ensure a smooth and successful delivery we request as much information as possible about the delivery location and can even offer advice on the best place to site the tub, and ways to make it more private.

I always try to provide the best deals for our customers including Free delivery within 1 hours drive of our depot (we often extend that to 2 hours if we know the location is easy to access). If there are delivery charges the costs are calculated on diesel and toll road charges, not on our driving time. So you can be sure that we are keeping delivery costs down to an absolute minimum - unlike some of our competitors.

The location of your hot tub is important for many reasons and so is the base that you use. Your tub needs to be conveniently sited for easy filling and emptying. You also need access to a standard electrical socket if you want to take advantage of the built-in LED lights and bubble system. For most of our new customers they have already decided on the perfect location, so we just need to make sure that we can install it there. That's why we ask for photos or short videos so we have a clear idea of the access route.

Installing your tub

Ideally, we aim to drive or reverse our van and trailer as close as possible to the hot tub spot. But when this isn't possible, we have to adapt our methods to ensure your tub gets to its final destination. Remember how the Egyptians moved the huge stones to the pyramids? Well, if there is grass, sand or uneven terrain that our van can't go on, then we have to use wooden boards and ropes out to manoeuvre the hot tub into position.

The tubs are delivered to us attached to a pallet in a vertical position. Tim can carefully slide the tub off the trailer bed on to the ground and if the route is clear and straightforward, he rarely needs any assistance. However, if there are any slight obstacles or it's a long route from trailer to the tubs resting place, then we will ask you to lend a helping hand. With our tried and tested installation methods, there is very little lifting by humans required. On the rare occasions when a stone wall has been in the way, our customers (or usually one of their kind neighbours) have provided mechanical assistance to get the tub lifted over walls or buildings. Thankfully, these types of delivery are few and far between!

Best part of our job

Unlike other hot tub suppliers we believe getting the tub into your garden and seeing it in position is the best part of our job. Once it is on the gravel, decking or concreted area we unpack everything and assemble the boiler chimney. It's at this point that we start getting you ready for your tub. Tim has lots of ‘Timmy Tricks’ to get your stove burning well, which will improve your water heat-up time. We'll also talk you through all the aspects of the tub from cleaning it inside and out, lighting the boiler and optimum bathing times and temperatures.

Tim and Nicola were great to deal with and arranged for delivery of our new tub at a time convenient to us. They installed the tub and gave us some great advice about maintenance, usage etc., along with written advice in English and French. Highly professional service and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Overall a very positive experience and I feel confident that they will support us if we need any future information or guidance. Maggie & Phil Davis, Graffeuil Gites, Busserolles.

Step 3 - You kiss and hold us tightly!

No, not really. Although sometimes, after we've completed another successful delivery, I definitely get the impression that some are just dying to give us a hug! With the wood-burner fired up before we start packing away our tools, it feels great for us to leave you well-prepared.

Sometimes, when we are driving away, me and Tim give each other a little smile as we remember our first time. We already know how much you are going to love the experience of Hot Tub Heaven. Happy Hot Tubbing!

To contact Hot Tubs In France, call direct on 0749 19 46 84.


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