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Top Ten Summer Events in Limousin

Number 1: Summer Fayre at Hot Tubs in France, Puy Cerut, 87510 Peyrilhac Sunday 23rd JUNE.

Well, if I am going to make a massive claim to be holding the best Summer event in Limousin, I had better explain why it is going to be great!

As you know, we are not complete novices in holding events. Previous open days at Hot Tub HQ have been very successful. A handful of likeminded people have popped along for a chat, burger and a beer, plus spent an hour or so talking to me and Tim about hot tubs and saunas. Plus, our Hot Tubs on Tour events have always pulled in a crowd, but hosting a Summer Fayre in Limousin...Eeek!

Hot tubs in France Summer Fayre 2024

Yes, it is scary - and exciting! But guess what? You can help make our Summer Fayre the number 1 event of this summer. How? It's simple. Get in your car and drive over to see us on Sunday June 23rd. Here are some of the reasons why you should be there! And how you can help.

#1 - Support Local. Buy Local.

'Local' in France is at least one hour drive (sometimes 2 hours from your home)! Every region in France is under threat of losing its small businesses due to the 'big boys' in the huge hypermarkets and retail parks on the outskirts of every town in France.

Sadly, empty shops in villages are a common sight and weekly markets are thin on the ground. Why? For convenience, a trip to Lidl or Leroy Merlin is easier than going to the local farm shop, the patisserie, the boulangerie or the bricolage. We are all guilty of it...

Yet ask yourself this, do you get service with a smile at these shops? Will they give you excellent customer service? Often the big outfits do not prioritise this side of sales. Whereas small businesses will bend over backwards to make sure you are a happy customer.

To reach people like you and me, small businesses have to work so much harder. Not only do they have to create or source their products, which eats into every day, but also a huge proportion of their time is spent on marketing and sales. My Mum used to say, "You can have the best product in the world, but it is useless, if nobody knows about it!" So true.

Getting noticed in local Facebook groups or in digital and printed magazines isn't easy. It requires a lot of effort and expertise. It can be costly too, so it's vital that small businesses pick up an income quickly, so they can afford to grow their audience. How can you help?

Not on social media? Use the 'gift of the gab' and tell people all about the excellent service you received, the high quality product or the great delivery fella, who helped bring your purchase into the garden or house. Word of mouth is free and the most powerful way to keep our local businesses alive.

The best way to support and celebrate small business is come along to our Summer Fayre on Sunday June 23rd. We have a wonderful mix of artisans, crafters and services who are looking forward to showcasing their products and telling their story. Here are a few of our exhibitors, but we have room for more, so book your free pitch today.

#2 - It's a community event

A Summer Fayre is a community event. Being involved in a community gives you a sense of belonging and worth. For me, engaging with others provides us with opportunities to help, support and influence change.

"Community-led growth is crucial because it fosters genuine relationships between businesses and their customers. This approach not only builds trust and loyalty but also creates a feedback loop, allowing businesses to better understand and cater to their customers' needs, leading to sustained growth.

In other words, our Summer Fayre will provide a relaxed and friendly environment for small business to showcase their wares, talk with members of the community and of course raise money for our local charities.

#3 - A great day out

The sun is booked in for June 23rd, so bring a brolly for shade! However, there is no need to pack up a picnic, as we have catering covered! For the early birds, we have coffee and croissants available from 10 -11am, a Happy Hour when Tim will be on the BBQ cooking you up a FREE burger from 12-1pm. Or why not save yourself for the main event, The Fishing Chip will be serving traditional fish and chips from 1pm! And for a desert, they will have their ice cream van too.

Drink refreshments will be served all day at Timmy's Tavern. All the proceeds will be going to

The Rainbow Association. They have a charity shop in Bussiere Poitevine 87320 where they sell second hand items to raise funds for a range of animal charities in and around the Limousin.

Tables and chairs will be nestled around the garden for you to enjoy your fish and chips and listen to the amazing vocalist and guitarist, Kevin Dawson. Kevin and Karen are part of our hot tub family and the proud owners of a Burford and Sauna. It gives us great pleasure to be able to give a bit back and book him to play for us at our number 1 event!

Around our garden, there will be a up to 20 stall holders keen to show you their goods and services, offer you advice and have a good old chat. Not forgetting us, as we will have our Burford, Kingham, Glyme, Sauna and ice bath on display. We will also be on hand to answer your hot tub and sauna-related questions. Plus we will have plenty of Summer Fayre discounts on offer

Food ticked. Music ticked. Exhibitor's ticked. However, a Summer Fayre would not be the same without a raffle and other fund raising activities. So, you can rest assure, Tim will have created some fun and engaging games to keep you entertained and help raise money for The Rainbow Association.

#4 - Tell your friends and family

Our Summer Fayre will be a family-friendly day for everyone to enjoy. We have plenty of field parking (if it doesn't rain) and grass verge parking, if need be. As you can imagine, I feel a sense of responsibility to make this a busy and successful day, so please tell everyone you know. Share every Summer Fayre post you see and if you want to get involved in any way, please let me know.

#5 - Make a difference

Some of you will be on holiday, too far away or have prior plans on June 23rd. But if you want to get involved, there are many ways you can do that from a far. We need raffle prizes, so perhaps you could send a voucher or a raffle prize. Or send over your business cards or marketing materials, so I can create a small business board to reveal the diversity of small business in France.

Local Services for Local People

If you live or work in the local area and want to offer your services, please get in touch.

I would like to thank Phil Coley for his advice and support. Phil has produced the flyer, has created a video to advertise the event and he will be in charge of publicity. Make sure you give him a smile on the day - he will be the one with the camera and filming equipment!

To sum up, watch the video below which has been expertly created by Phil.



Numbers 2-10 of the Top Ten Events in Limousin

You will find the next best events in the area on the Destination Limoges website. Of course, they will not as good as our Summer Fayre, but you can take a peek by clicking the button below.

Don't forget to check out or Facebook page for updates on our Summer Fayre. And get in touch if you want to advertise your products or services on the day.

We look forward to seeing you at Hot Tubs in France, Puy Cerut 87510 Peyrilhac on Sunday 23rd June. Thanks, Nicola and Tim.

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