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Top 5 Products for Summer 2021

I'm a bit late this year because normally, at the beginning of May I start thinking about BBQs and spending time in the garden. At the same time I start scouring the internet to see what's going to be trending in the summer. May's rain and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions dampened my spirits and my gardening enthusiasm. But now I'm feeling revitalised, making plans, and doing a bit of online retail therapy. In my search for garden ideas I have compiled a list of what I think will be in the Top 5 summer products this year. And ultimately they'll be at the top of my shopping list. So I just thought I'd share them with you to hopefully give you a little inspiration.

My Top 5 products, in no particular order.

1. Car Sun Screen

I know it's not garden related but blimey, it's a necessity when your car is parked outside and not under cover. I can't remember how many times I've burnt myself on the car steering wheel. I just forget how hot it can get inside the car when it's not in the shade. Great for when you go shopping, or on a road trip during your 'staycation'. Place it across the inside of the front windscreen so the dashboard, steering wheel and front seats stay a bit cooler. It's a life saver (maybe that's a bit of a dramatic statement to make, but I think you get my drift).

2. Twinkly lights

Whether they're solar-powered or electric I just think they look amazing all year round. They come on as soon as it starts going dark, and in my opinion they just make everything looked so pretty and fairy-grotto-like. They sell out fast in the autumn so it's best to get them in now, to avoid disappointment and hiked-up prices. Plus getting them now means you can play around and find the best location and draped effects. You can't just throw these things up and hope for the best. It's trial and error for at least a week!

There are two main types of twinkly lights : a string one that you can wrap around trees, fence posts or other garden structure - though not the chimney on your wood-burner. Or there are the curtain style ones which you can drape vertically on your fences, sheds or perhaps even around the outside of your tub. I think twinkle lights wrapped around tree trunks look beautiful at night, and can look quite romantic too.

3. Kebab Maker

Now this is a new one on me and I think whoever invented this gadget is an absolute genius. Last year we bought a grill mat for the barbecue to make it easier to stop things sticking to the hot plate, and so make it easy to clean. But with this contraption you can make meat, veg or fruit kebab skewers in advance and stockpile them in the freezer. Great for your impromptu BBQs and post-Covid garden parties.

It looks bizarre but the reviews are really good, and it would definitely be less messy using this to make them. Lots of sites where you can buy them from, but KEBAPP seems to be one of the main ones. But why do they spell it 'kababs' instead of 'kebabs'?

4. Bubble Gun

Fun for the kids, but I think these would be great for the grown-ups too if I'm honest. I'd love one for when the sun's out so you can see the light bouncing off them. On the plus side, no getting soaked when you are quietly sunbathing, or carrying a trayful of drinks. And who doesn't love seeing a few soft bubbles floating gently on the breeze? The kittens would adore them!

5. Flat shoes

Last but not least, you have got to have at least one pair of comfy flat shoes. Sandals in particular are very popular, and they keep your feet a bit cooler too. For the ladies and gents, if you are going to wear open-toe sandals there are two rules : you do not wear socks and you have nicely trimmed, clean toenails.

Well, that's my Top 5 Summer 'must-haves' and I hope I have inspired you. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these, or if you already have any of the above which ones can you recommend?

Hot Tubs On Tour 2021

The summer is finally here and I'll be donning my flat shoes at our upcoming events on June 26th at Espoir Nature Educational Farm. We have already got a few slots booked, so if you are interested in seeing our wonderful Burford Deluxe hot tub in beautiful, unusual surroundings give us a call. Or you can just turn up on the day, and explore the farm and shop until we are free. And you can bring the kids too, because Espoir Nature is a great place for all the family!

To contact Hot Tubs In France, call direct on 0749 19 46 84.

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