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Using a hot tub all year round

When we're out delivering new tubs we obviously get asked lots of questions. Fortunately either me or Tim can provide the answers, with most of our responses based on personal experience. Because we've owned our lovely, cosy Burford for a couple of years now, I think we have bathed in all seasons and encountered all types of weather. So, as we progress through the year, hurtling towards Winter, our new customers have one burning question - Can we use the hot tub in winter? Well, it's a Yes from me!

Baby it's cold outside

Just because it's gone a bit cold outside it doesn't mean it's time to drain your tub and cover it over. Keep it filled, make sure you have a good stock of dry wood, and just fire up that boiler whenever you want. Having a good long soak in a warm bath can do a lot to improve your mood when the days are miserable, and ease some of those aches and pains. It almost makes the onslaught of winter strangely worthwhile. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say that our hot tub plays a part in us actually looking forward to the arrival of winter. And when the insulated leather cover is dusted with a little snow the Burford Deluxe looks even more inviting.

Preparing your tub

If you do decide to keep your hot tub active during the autumn and winter period, then there’s a few little tasks to do in advance to prepare. Before it gets too cold, it’s well worth doing a complete water drain and refilling your hot tub. Trying to change the water when it’s freezing cold outside can be a bit tricky. And if you drain the tub into your garden, or onto a paved area, then you could potentially be setting up a skating rink if it freezes over.

Changing the water and giving your hot tub a proper deep clean before the cold weather sets in will help ensure that your home spa is in the best working condition. So you and your family can really make the most of it.

Keeping warm and toasty

You’ll probably want the temperature of your tub hotter than usual in the winter months. Stoking it up to 40 degrees Celsius is a good temperature, because the last thing you want is to be too cold. If you haven't already bought an insulated cover, I can definitely recommend it. We have had ours for several months now and it's been a really worthwhile investment. If we use the tub one day and throw a couple of logs on before covering it up, the water temperature is still perfect the next day. The other good thing about the leather cover is that it's lightweight. Which means I can use the tub when Tim's not around, because the cover is light enough for me to lift off and on by myself.

Check your equipment

Before winter hits hard, make sure you do a thorough check of your hot tub cover to make sure it's still in good condition. The fibreglass storm covers should easily last a good 10 years, but if it's been accidentally damaged, depending on the level of damage it might be worth getting a replacement. If you're not sure then just give us a call or send me an email. We'll give you honest advice on whether it can be repaired or replaced.

Shutting it down

If you decide that you'd rather have your hot tub shut down during the winter, that's fine. But make sure it's done properly to avoid any potential damage caused by frozen water. You need to completely empty and flush all the water from your hot tub. During the colder, winter period, you shouldn't leave any water in the hot tub in case it freezes. Then, after all the water has been drained, you should do a full, deep clean of the hot tub interior and cover to make sure all bacteria is removed. So nothing can grow whilst your tub is empty. Give the boiler a good cleaning as well by getting rid of all the ash and check for any signs of tar and soot build up inside the stove.

And if you do change your mind, remember it takes less than our hour to refill and under 2 hours to heat up, depending on the outside temperature.

Look at the stars

We can't change the daylight hours, but we can embrace the early darkness. I find that taking a dip in the hot tub as the sun goes down is quite calming. And once the stars come out, WOW, it's just amazing. We're so lucky in France that there are not many street lights, so it's much easier to see the stars. I read an article the other day that said there are 3 new International Dark Sky reserves in France. We might have to pay them a visit and see if they want to add a couple of hot tubs to further enhance the star-gazing experience.

The Alpes Azur Mercantour, Cévennes National Park and Pic du Midi have been awarded the prestigious status of International Dark Sky Reserve, joining the other 13 certified reserves around the world.

Another delivery on the way

I'm catching up on admin this week because we have been told our November order is already on it's way. It's due to arrive by Wednesday next week. So then there'll be a busy few days getting the deliveries out.

It's obvious you all love a bargain because we've had a fantastic response to our Burford Deluxe offer (5500€ including insulated leather cover). We have only 6 of the best-selling Burford Deluxe tubs in stock. Grab a great deal while you still can as this offer won't be around much longer. We've also got a Winchcombe 8 seater and a cosy 2-person Glyme available. So, if you're interested in any of these fabulous tubs call or email me. Then you too could be enjoying a toasty-warm winter bathing experience in the next couple of weeks. Or reserve one now as a wonderful surprise present and we could be delivering it to you just before Christmas. You'd definitely be in the good books then - for a very long time. Happy Hot Tubbing!

To contact Hot Tubs In France, call direct on 0749 19 46 84.

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