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Using Your Hot Tub During Winter

Soak away winter aches and pains

Our happy hot tub owners have been telling us how much they enjoy using their wood-fired hot tub during the colder months. It almost feels more relaxing soaking in a warm tub when the temperature has dropped, especially if you suffer from winter aches and pains. A regular, soothing hydrotherapy session can gently ease the pain and help improve your sleep. And what better way to relax than under a starry sky?

Rare 'Christmas Star'

On December 21st, Jupiter and Saturn - the two largest planets in the solar system - will appear to almost merge in the night sky. It's an incredibly rare occurrence and the last time Jupiter and Saturn were this close together was way back in 1226 A.D. Some astronomers believe that the 'star of Bethlehem', in the Nativity story, was a conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. The next time they will be this close will be in 2080. So you might want to hit the hot tub this year and admire this spectacular star show while you can. Let's hope we have lovely clear, cloudless skies on December 21st.

Skywatchers hoping to spot Jupiter and Saturn, and their near-collision in the sky, can do so after sunset on Dec. 21 - the date of winter solstice - through binoculars or a small telescope, according to NASA.

If you want to know more about what's happening in the night sky, you can check out the Space Calendar 2020. There's always something exciting and interesting going on in the skies, and it's a good excuse to get out in the hot tub with that special someone, and a glass of 'vin chaud'.

Stay safe

Although it is wonderful to be able to use your hot tub all year round, in winter when it's cold and wet you need to take extra care. Make sure you have a quick and easy path to and from the house to your hot tub. Wear non-slip shoes or slippers, and maybe even lay some temporary anti-slip matting or stepping stones. That way you're not walking on cold, wet grass or slippery surfaces.

If it's cold your body temperature can drop quite quickly when you step out of the warm water. You don't want to be standing around freezing and dripping wet, so make sure your towel or dressing gown is close by. And keep them warm by wrapping them around a hot water bottle and stay warm and comfortable as you walk back indoors.

Get a hat

Winter is not the time to be getting your hair wet, because being out in cold weather with wet hair can bring on colds and 'flu. Make sure your head stays warm by keeping your hair and face dry. If you’re feeling particularly festive, why not wear your favourite Christmas hat? It doesn't matter if it's not festive though, just as long as it's functional, and keeps your head warm. It's amazing the difference it can make! (Personally I prefer one with side flaps to stop my ears getting cold).

Gift ideas for hot tub owners

If you are still struggling to come up with ideas for Christmas presents for someone that has a hot tub, then check out our recent blog post - 12 Gift Ideas for Hot Tub Owners. Better be quick though as there isn't much time left for posting.

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