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What makes a wood-burning hot tub so 'cool'?

Finally, the glorious, long, hot summer days and clear, star-filled night skies have arrived. Now, just imagine how 'cool' you are going to be, relaxing in your brand new Cotswold Eco Tub. Your friends and neighbours will struggle to hide their envy when they see me and Tim setting up your new tub. And although we always explain how to light the burner and get the water to the optimum bathing temperature, I'll be honest in this weather you probably won't be lighting it very often.

Slip into something cool

With another scorching hot French summer on the cards, we all need to think about ways to stay comfortable and cool. Well, here at Hot Tubs In France we have the solution. In the slightly chillier evenings you might need to fire up the tub's boiler for about an hour, just to raise the temperature of the water a few degrees. But on a sizzling, sunny day like today, sliding into the cool, gently bubbling water, is like sipping a chilled glass of your favourite fizz (or beer in Tim's case). It's probably one of the best feelings in the world!

Last summer, even though we didn't have long periods of sunshine, on the days the temperature was more than 35 degrees, we found that dipping in and out of our tub helped to us to stay cool. And lots of our customers tell us they do the same. So if you want to be comfortably cool, slide into a Cotswold Eco Tub - without the wood-burner fired up.

Safety in the sun

For a refreshing and revitalising break from the heat, kickback and relax in your very own hot tub heaven. And let the bubbling water gently soothe your sun-kissed skin. Remember though that temperatures in France can be several degrees higher than in the U.K. So when the sun has got his hat on - Hip, hip, hip, hooray! - you should have yours on too.

Although being in the water can cool you down enormously, if you're not in the shade make sure that you wear a hat, sunglasses, and a good, water-resistant sun cream. The scorching sun’s rays will reflect off the water, like they do when you are on a boat. So even though your body temperature might seem cool, you can still get badly sunburnt! Also, make sure you stack the drinks holder with plenty of bottles of water, so that you stay hydrated. Safety in the sun is just as important as fun in the sun.

Gerard the Giraffe

We had a HUGE surprise a couple of weeks ago - literally. We arrived home from a delivery to find a bright yellow inflatable giraffe sunning itself in our garden. More worrying was the fact that it seemed to be staring longingly at our hot tub. Fortunately though, Gerard the Giant Giraffe is actually a very large water sprinkler, and a fantastic surprise gift from our family who were staying with us at the time. Attach a hose, position Gerard close to the tub (or anywhere else in the garden) and turn on the tap. The jet of cold water from his mouth sprays out onto anyone sat in the tub. It's a great way to keep cool and I can certainly recommend getting your own 'Gerard' if you're having a children's party or hot tub party.

Starry, starry nights

If you're planning to use your tub later on in the day, perhaps after sunset, even in the summer you might need to light the stove. A low, gentle fire will keep the water pleasantly warm and inviting. I remember last summer we had a few memorable moments simply star-gazing from the luxurious warmth and solace of our Cotswold Eco Tub. This year will be the same, because sitting back and gazing up into the starry-filled sky is the perfect way to relax at the end of a long day.

Hot Tubs In Luxembourg

We have had a hectic couple of months, with friends and family coming over to stay, training for a charity marathon and making sure all our deliveries were down on time. Our own tub has certainly seen a lot of action recently. But it's always good, when you' know you've got a hard day ahead of you, at the end of it, you can just soak away the stress, and any aches and pains in your very own hot tub heaven.

It was definitely a well-deserved couple of hours 'rest and revive' for us the other day. We had our longest delivery so far - a two-day round trip to Luxembourg. Even though it was a long trek, the journey was very pleasant, an eye-opener in fact, because the scenery and location were simply stunning. And to cap it all off, we have another lovely young family who are the newest members of our happy hot tub family.

Get in touch

On that note, I'm going to sign off, close my laptop and head out into the garden. It's been a busy day catching up on admin duties (no rest for the wicked), but now it's time to switch off. To disconnect from the internet and reconnect with nature by immersing myself in the cool, soft bubbles of the hot tub. Hopefully Gerard has also been disconnected and won't be blasting me with a steady stream of cold water.

Before I go, I need to mention that from now on, all new subscribers to our mailing list will receive a money-off voucher worth 78,00€ and valid for 3 months. So if your dream is to own one of our eco-friendly, wood-burning hot tubs, just send us your email. You'll get lots of interesting news, info and updates straight to your Inbox and a lovely discount when you place your new hot tub order. I can't think of a better way to start the weekend. Hmm, maybe I can - Happy Hot Tubbing!

To contact Hot Tubs In France, call direct on 07 49 19 46 84.


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