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What to look for when booking your holiday

What are the important things that will turn your average family holiday into a fantastic, unforgettable one?

We have been doing a little bit of research on your behalf, and here are Hot Tubs In France's Top 5 tips to help you plan your next holiday.

1. Location, Location, Location

It has to be top of the list when you are looking for a holiday. You need to at least have an idea about where you want to go. And from our perspective you can't go wrong with France. Even if you already live here, there are so many beautiful and interesting places to choose from. But location will also depend on how you are travelling too.

There are several airports serving different European countries, as well as further afield. So unless you are looking for a city break in Paris, or Bordeaux then driving has to be the best way to explore France. Most airports have reputable and reasonably priced car hire firms on site so you can always fly and drive.

If you don't want to drive every day then why not hire a bike for a few days? Picture yourself cycling alongside fields of sunflowers, or on quiet country lanes. Lots of companies like Bike Hire Direct will drop off and collect bikes from your holiday accommodation. Some hotel and gite owners will actually provide them so that's something to look out for when booking.

2. Amazing Accommodation

If you are booking family accommodation then you need somewhere that has plenty of space for adults and children to eat, sleep and spend time together. And make sure the outdoor space is big enough for the kids to run and play, while you kick-back and relax.

If you are going to be spending most of your time at your holiday home-from-home, then the best accommodation should be well furnished and comfortable. And it also needs to have a kitchen fully stocked with all the essentials, with enough place settings for everyone. You don't want your holiday to be memorable for the wrong reasons. For instance having to eat your meals with a spoon, because there were only three forks between five people.

Look out for those special touches that make the accommodation stand out from the rest. Such as a 'Welcome Pack' on arrival, breakfast included, or your own personal hot-tub!

3. Things To Do

Even if you do want to see a bit of the area, you probably don't want to spend all of your time driving. So look for a wide variety of attractions that will suit all ages, and maybe a bus stop or train station close by. Time spent travelling while you're on holiday can be stressful, especially if you have a car full of excitable children. Reduce your stress levels and time spent travelling by planning your days out in advance. It might also help you get cheaper advanced booking prices for theme parks and family attractions.

You also need to consider how close it is to the nearest shops, supermarkets and cash-points. If you like to eat out, or just grab a coffee are there any good restaurants, bars and cafes in the area? And what better way to unwind than with a good book, sat outside a french cafe, just watching the world go by?

4. Memorable Experiences

We all want our holidays to be memorable. Wonderful moments to treasure for a lifetime, of a fantastic holiday with family and friends.

See your child's face light up the first time they go out sailing in a kayak, or riding on the Velorail at Confolens. Those are childhood memories that will stay with them forever.

5. Kick-back and Relax

This is something we do exceedingly well at Hot Tubs In France. And relaxation is the key for any holiday, especially for the grown-ups. You have been working hard and your holiday is the time to relax and unwind. Whether it's going walking, cycling, fishing or chilling out in a hot tub. You need time and space to kick back and relax, to recharge your batteries.

Shall I let you into a secret?

Here in the Limousin we know the perfect place for holidaying that fits all of the above criteria. Check out Paradis de Bois. This beautiful converted barn is set in a large garden, surrounded by trees. It's in a wonderful rural setting, but only a few minutes drive from the historic city of Limoges and the incredibly poignant town of Oradour-Sur-Glane.

There is a bus stop and train station close by so you don't even need to take the car. And there are plenty of great restaurants, chateaux and family attractions nearby too.

We have been told that the owners are very friendly as well. And go out of their way to make sure you have the best holiday ever. They even let you use the wood-fired hot tub.

Now doesn't that sound like the perfect place to relax, star-gaze, chill-out and chat? Hot tub heaven in a beautiful, tranquil setting. But remember.. this is our little secret.

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