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World Tourism Day

What a great month September is turning out to be.

Another day, another celebration. On September 27th Hot Tubs In France would like to wish all our customers in the tourism and hospitality industry a 'Happy World Tourism Day'.

2020 hasn't been the best year but remember, holidays are not just for the summer months. If you have been putting off your holidays, why not start planning one now? Even a few days away can be enough to recharge your batteries. We all need to kick-back and relax sometime, somewhere. And if by grabbing a break you can help a small tourism business then everyone's a winner!

What is World Tourism Day?

You may well be asking yourself what World Tourism Day all about. Or you might not, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

"World Tourism Day is the result of the work done by the UN’s specialised agency — the World Tourism Organisation (WTO). If you’ve ever strolled through a charming, perfectly-preserved European village or town, you’ve probably seen the WTO at work. Boosting local economies and ensuring sustainable tourism are but a few of the benefits of the WTO".

And we all know, tourism is great for jobs and boosting the economy, but also for people to learn about new countries and cultures. Travelling is one of the best ways to learn, and it makes us happy.

The Benefits of Travelling

Like hot tubs, travelling has a lot of benefits, and not just for travel agents. Here's a list that we have come up with. See if you can think of anymore.

1. Travelling makes us happy. You can't deny it. When you are away from home and work you generally have a smile on your face.

2. It's good for your health. You are more relaxed and this helps improve your health.

3. Visiting new places and new countries makes you smarter. You learn more about food, culture, people and customs.

4. It makes you more interesting. You can impress everyone with your tales about the fantastic places you have been to and all the amazing sites you have seen

5. You can make new friends. Meet new people and expand your social network.

6. Travelling makes beautiful, long-lasted memories.

And one of the best things of all - travelling makes you love your home more. Well, it does for us because we can't wait to see our pets, and to snuggle down in our own bed.

Holidays and travelling are wonderful for making you appreciate what you have at home.

Happy World Tourism Day from Hot Tubs In France.

And to celebrate, why not start planning your next holiday? Where will you go next?

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