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How To Order

Owning your own personal wood-fired hot tub or sauna pod couldn’t be easier. Follow the steps and in a few short weeks you and your family will be enjoying all the wonderful health benefits that these luxury home spa products can provide.

Additional information

Advice about any of the items in the Hot Tubs in France product range is FREE. 


  • Pre-sales - we are happy to help with plans, offer advice and recommendations on the type of base required, positioning, etc.

  • Post-sales information - our 5* Customer Service does not end when we deliver your tub or sauna. We are always at the end of the phone or via email to offer advice. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and blog to receive regular news, hints and tips on use and keeping your wood-fired products in tip top condition. 

  • Your products include a Cotswold Eco Tubs 2 year warranty and in the unlikely event that anything does go wrong we do the warranty repairs for free.


If you want your new tub or sauna for a special occasion, or to add an extra luxury facility to your holiday accommodation, then we advise ordering as soon as possible to ensure it is delivered in time. 


We also offer special discounts throughout the year, don’t put off ordering and taking advantage of these great offers just because you won’t be at the property in a few weeks time. Your order can be kept safe in our storage facility until you are ready for it. Alternatively, we can deliver and install your order without you being there, as long as we have access and the exact details of where you want it positioned. Hot Tubs In France can also build the base (for an extra charge) if required.

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1. Make a decision
This is the hardest part because they are all amazing! Decide which hot tub model or sauna model you like, including which colour combinations you prefer, any accessories and also where you will position it.

2. Contact us
There are several ways you can contact us. Use the Contact form on the website or email, call, or message us via Facebook. We will need to know which model you have chosen, colour combination and the access route to the hot tub or sauna location.

3. Get a Quote

When we have all the details, we’ll provide an all-inclusive price which will include the cost of the item(s), any additional travel costs*, plus any extra discounts that are available, e.g. if a hot tub and sauna pod are ordered at the same time.

4. ​Place your Order

To reserve your hot tub or sauna all we need is a 10% non-refundable deposit of the overall total cost. This can be paid in Euros or Sterling by bank transfer. We do not accept cheques or card payments.

5. Order Confirmation

​Once the deposit has been cleared in our bank account we will place the order with our suppliers and give you an estimated delivery date. Because we often have a range of hot tubs in stock, you could have your new tub delivered and installed within a few days. However if we do not have the colour combination in stock, the lead time from order to delivery can be 6 - 8 weeks. We do not currently hold any saunas in stock, so the lead time for these items is between 8 - 10 weeks.

To reserve your hot tub or sauna all we need is a 10% non-refundable deposit of the overall total cost. This can be paid in Euros or Sterling by bank transfer. We do not accept cheques or card payments.

6. Delivery & Installation

If your property is within a 1 hour radius of Hot Tubs in France HQ then delivery is free. However, if we need mechanical assistance to get your tub or sauna into position then the customer needs to arrange and cover these extra costs. We do not charge for our time and if mechanical assistance is required, we will help set up the tub or sauna when it is at the location. 

*If your property is over an hour from our business address we will calculate the cost of the diesel and any toll roads cost and this cost will be added to the delivery price. We give you this price upfront when we provide your quote, so there are no hidden extras or nasty surprises!

7. Final Payment

On the day your tub or sauna is installed we ask that you arrange for the final balance to be paid by bank transfer into our account.

8. Welcome to our Happy Hot Tubs In France family!

Relax and enjoy your own private luxury spa facilities all year round.

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Currencies Direct are our trusted partner for International payments.

If you have any requirement to pay for your hot tub/sauna, or any other services, click below for preferential rates. 

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