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The latest cool addition - the ice bath. Seats 1

Experience the benefits of hot and cold therapy by taking a cold water plunge in between sauna sessions

Reclining in a hot tub or bath is the epitome of relaxation and a great way to end the day. But you could be missing out on the benefits of submerging your body in cold water.
Cold water therapy is an age-old practice with many health benefits. It is time to discover how an ice-cold bath can change your life. Will you be brave enough to take the ice bath challenge?
 Available in two colours that coordinate perfectly with our dark and oak exterior saunas and hot tubs.

CET Ice Baths (2)_edited.jpg

What's Included

All of this is included in a very cool price - 1778,00€

Stylish, standalone single-seat cold plunge tub or ice bath. No electricity required. Available in two colours - dark off black and oak - very similar to the sauna and hot tub exterior colours and therefore can be colour-coordinated.

Ice baths are commonly used in sport recovery, so they are often found in gyms and physical fitness training centres. However, with the increase in personal wellness retreats, they are now becoming popular for at-home use, especially when combined with a wood-fired sauna. If you are considering buying an ice bath, sauna and/or hot tub to create your own wellness retreat, contact us direct and get our very best price!



  • Thermowood Exterior - available in Oak or Black only (as per the hot tub Exterior Colour Chart)

  • Stainless steel Interior

  • Thermowood cover with 2 x stainless steel handles

  • Thermowood seat/internal step

  • Thermowood external step

  • Height: 105cm

  • Diameter: 110cm

  • High flow drain tap with hose lock fitting

  • 2 x tension bands


All of this is included in the price : 

  • Hand-crafted and made to the highest possible specifications

  • Up to 24 Months Warranty**

  • Delivery and Installation

*Price is 1778,00 €


**Comprehensive warranty cover is 24 months. Warranty does not extend to accidental damage, or general wear and tear. 

ice baths.jpg
CET Ice Baths (3)_edited.jpg

Delivery and Installation

Delivery charges and installation costs are FREE if the delivery location is within 1 hour radius of our business address*.

If the delivery location is more than 1 hour away we still install for free*, but the delivery charge will depend on your location (Fuel charge per km outside of the 1 hour radius, plus any necessary toll road fees). Please contact us to confirm whether there will be any charges, because occasionally we have promotional offers where free delivery is extended to 2 hour radius of our base.

To ensure we successfully deliver your order we will need to confirm the access to the site. The access routes have to be suitable to get a van, trailer, and any necessary machinery, as close as possible to the site. On the rare occasion that we think access is going to be difficult, we may have to ask you to arrange extra man power.

* Installation is free, but you must advise us of any obstacles which could impede delivery/installation. In which case there may be a small additional charge. This will be confirmed when ordering.

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