Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked. We Answered

We have tried to add extra information about the Cotswold Eco Tub, accessories and other data on our site pages and also on our Blog. Sometimes though we are asked other questions and to ensure you have all the details you need to make an informed decision, we have included some most frequently asked questions and answers below.


What's included in the Cotswold Eco Tub price?

The details on the Burford Deluxe Hot Tub page includes the dimensions, weight and what is included. The price also includes delivery and installation if the location is within 1 hour radius of our business base. There is a minimal fuel charge for delivery if the location is more than 1 hour, but we try to keep extra charges to a minimum, so please contact us for confirmation. 

Please note : the details have also been updated on the Glyme and Winchcombe pages.


Do I have to pay a deposit when I place an order?

Your order will be confirmed in writing on receipt of a 10% non-refundable deposit. The full balance must be paid prior to us delivering the full order to your chosen location.


How often do I need to have the hot tub serviced and how much does it cost?

You don't. There are no maintenance or service costs required for your Cotswold Eco Tub (whereas you would have to pay at least 400€ to service an electric tub - on top of your hefty electric bill)
Financially, the wood-fired Cotswold Eco Tub beats the electric one on all counts.


What colours are available for the interior and exterior? Is it extra to choose my own colours?

The fibreglass interior is available is cream or grey. There are several different colours available for the exterior and some of these are shown on the Personalisation section. There is no charge for colour selection, this is included in the hot tub price.

We will always aim to offer a bespoke colour service, but it will depend on when you order, and the supplier's next delivery deadline.

If you want to take delivery of your hot tub sooner then please contact us to check what colours we have in stock.


If I want any of the accessories do I have to order them with the hot tub? Or can I order them separately at a later date? 

The Burford Deluxe Hot Tub comes with a fibreglass lid and wooden steps, included in the price.
The 'Supreme' step, the leather insulated cover and the tarpaulin cover are by order only. If required they can be ordered separately, but would be included on our supplier's next delivery (every 4 to 5 weeks). We would then have to confirm our delivery charges because free delivery only applies to the full hot tub package. 
We sometimes get steps and covers to keep in stock, in case any get accidentally damaged, so please check with us if you want to order.


Is the Cotswold Eco Tub really eco-friendly?

A wood-burning tub uses a renewable and sustainable fuel source. When wood burns it releases no more CO2 than if it were left to rot, so it's carbon neutral. This really is a 'green', friendly way to relax. One that brings you close to nature and a big step away from the urban, electricity-powered versions.


Do I need to use any chlorine?

No, not if you don't want to. We supply all of our Eco Tubs with a Chlorine Starter Pack, but it's not essential.
Some owners opt to use salt to clean the water, and others just change the water between use. It's entirely up to you.


Does the Cotswold Eco Tub need an electricity supply?

Yes and No! Electricity is only required for the LED Lighting System and the Air Bubble System. Meaning that electricity isn't strictly required, and is not included in the set-up and installation.
Hot Tubs in France always recommend that you use a fully-qualified, registered electrician if there is no power supply available.


How long does the water take to heat up?

Typically between 90-120 minutes. However the outside temperature and the type of wood used may alter the heat up times.


What type of wood can be used?

Any type of wood can be used as long as it is dry. Using dry wood will optimise the heat up time. The Burford Deluxe Supreme step comes with a built in wood store, which will keep your logs dry and nearby.


What size wood fits in the boiler?

Up to 45 mm logs will fit in the boiler