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Life changing reasons to have a hot tub

Spring is in the air and it is like everything - and everybody! - is coming out of hibernation. It's great seeing more of the neighbours out on their daily strolls while we are pottering around the garden. They'll often stop and have a little chat about the weather and family before they continue on their walks. And although it is only a quick catch-up, it makes me realise just how much I miss seeing people and socialising.

Get a social life

Moving from a bustling town in the UK to a quiet remote, rural village in France is something a lot of people dream about. The reality is that it is a massive change and culture shock that not everyone can cope with. We know several couples who couldn't adjust to living in France and have sadly returned to the UK. But if you ask expats who have lived here for many years, what piece of advice they would give anyone thinking of moving here, there is a common response - get a social life! And this is not about putting on your glad rags and going out on the town every weekend. It's simply about getting to know people. If you think back to your first day at 'big school', it was fine if you had already had friends there, on the same bus and in the same class. It made new school life much easier. But if you didn't, what a shock to the system! Moving to France must be like for a lot of people - an exciting, slightly scary adventure. But it's so much easier if you make new friends along the way.

Know your neighbours

I'm not saying we should go round and knock on our neighbours' doors everyday. But getting to know them well enough to be able to invite them round for coffee and a cake now and again definitely lessens the feelings of fear and isolation. It can help you learn the language and traditions too!

Another suggestion is to join a few local expat groups. There is always something going on somewhere, and as you get to know people they will introduce you to their friends, and so on.

Before you know it, you'll be able to choose between going out socialising with friends or having a quiet weekend at home. You could combine the two and socialise at home. Invite a few friends round for apero, or perhaps have a light lunch and go for a leisurely stroll afterwards. This is a very popular pastime with our French neighbours, especially at the weekend when they make a lot of time for friends and family.

Host a hot tub party

If you're like me and enjoy socialising, but don't want to drive too far, then inviting a few friends round now and again is a great way to catch up. It's not quite warm enough at the minute to be throwing a BBQ, but chatting over cheese and wine is a great way to relax.

Owning a hot tub can also have a great benefit on your social life! You'll quickly become the hostess with the 'mostest' when you can offer cocktails in the hot tub!

Disconnect and reconnect with your family

Normally when the family are over, everyone gathers round the kitchen table, which is great. But inevitably several mobile devices are sat there too. They are a constant distraction and interrupt the flow of the conversation. So this is where the hot tub comes in really handy because there's no room for mobile phones!

It's great to get outside and have a conversation with real people. The fresh air does you good and you can also enjoy the relaxing effects of the hot tub hydrotherapy. Nothing beats chilling in the hot tub with your nearest and dearest. Facebook notifications can wait until later.

Not forgetting, the 'little people' in your life also benefit from hot tub life. It makes the perfect paddling pool by day and a place to kick back in relax with your family in the evening. Hot Tub Heaven...

Do yourself a favour

There is plenty of research to prove that hot tubs can be highly beneficial for your health and wellbeing. So whilst you are kicking back and relaxing in your hot tub, you will actually be doing yourself a huge favour.

  • Relaxation

  • Relief stress

  • Improve sleep

  • Help people suffering from arthritis

  • Anti-depressant

So if you’re looking for ways to improve your social life, family life or your physical and mental health then take the plunge! A hot tub can help with all of these things, as it give you a focus and a routine, which you can share or keep to yourself! Can you afford not to get a hot tub?

We had our hot tub delivered by Nicola and Tim and can not fault the service given. They were lovely to approach with no over sell, questions answered from their experience of knowing their products and those added due to previous customers, these are added to an information sheet on delivery. We would certainly recommend, we visited their first open day and believe me when l say my husband asks a lot of questions.We didn't buy on this occasion (2020) but l watched their progress and received blogs so they were the only people l considered from reviews given and their approach to their customers.Thank you Nicola and Tim, happy hot tubbing everyone! Stevie and Steve March 2024

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