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Hot Tubs in the News

Hot tubs are making the news for lots of reasons. Here's my summary of the latest top stories

Top 5 Products for Summer 2021

My Top 5 Summer 2021 gadgets. Ultimately they'll be top of my shopping list, but which ones will be on yours?

Hot Tub Hire

If you're calendar is begging you to add a couple of select social gatherings, why not set the ball rolling with a hot tub party weekend?

Happy Hot Tub Business Owners #4

Our next Hot Tub business owners have set up a beautiful safe haven for visitors to the area. Next year they play to have yoga as well

Happy Hot Tub Business Owners #3

Whatever you want from a family holiday, we think you will find it here at Gîte La Graffeuille. And it's open all year round too

Where should I put my hot tub?

Before you order your new hot tub from us you need to think about where you are going to have it installed so you get the most use out of it

Prosecco Cocktails

And on National Prosecco Day why not try some of the delicious variations and raise a glass to the remaining weeks of the summer season?

Sunflowers On Tour

What has made Hot Tubs On Tour so enjoyable is the scenery. Wherever you go there fields full of beautiful, strong, tall sunflowers.