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"Took delivery yesterday of our new Burford Hydro hot tub. Apart from the Brexit derived delay in getting the product to France, the whole process could not have been smoother. Nicola kept us regularly up to date on progress, and Tim took no time at all to complete the installation.

Showing all the restraint of a pair of spoilt two year olds we got the fire flashed up, and spent a couple hours lolling about in the tub. Watching the stars come out whilst quaffing champagne.

This is the ultimate expression of decadence. Had to go back and do it all again this afternoon in the rain, sans champagne. Most of this winter is going to be whiled away being philosophical, whilst up to our necks in warm water.  Perfect!"

Charles Hill - another Happy Hot Tub Owner


Le nouveau baignoire de Winchcombe 9 places

Notre baignoire Burford Deluxe peut accueillir jusqu'à 6 personnes, mais la nouvelle Winchcombe est encore plus grande et meilleure.

Spécialement pour deux

C'est parfait pour des moments de qualité, et encore mieux si vous avez quelqu'un de spécial pour vous accueillir sous les étoiles.

Happy New Hot Tub Owners

Some fantastic photos and quick updates from our latest group of happy hot tub owners.

Prosecco Cocktails

And on National Prosecco Day why not try some of the delicious variations and raise a glass to the remaining weeks of the summer season?

Tournesols en tournée

Mais ce qui a rendu le voyage si agréable, c'est le paysage. Partout où vous allez, il y a des kilomètres et des kilomètres de tournesols.

La santé. Le bonheur. Le jacuzzi.

La santé. Le bonheur. Le jacuzzi. Si vous cherchez tout cela, arrêtez de chercher parce que vous avez trouvé la réponse Hot Tubs In France

Health. Happiness. Hot Tub.

Health. Happiness. Hot Tub... You can tick all 3 boxes with a Cotswold Eco Tub - so stop googling as you found the answer...!