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How to Design Your Dream Hot Tub Oasis

tips and inspiration for creating the perfect relaxation space and dream hot tub oasis

With March promising us more dry spells and even occasional sunshine, it is finally time to get out in the garden. Hallelujah! So, how about we get creative and help you transform a space in your garden into a private, relaxing retreat?

Be ready for a sensational Spring and a dazzling Summer with a Burford or a Sauna - or both! Ultimately, either one will provide you with a luxurious place to rest and relax outside.  

Tips and Inspiration for Creating the Perfect Relaxation Space

In our experience, it is always better to customise your decking after the tub has arrived. Although Tim is known as the 'hot tub installation king of France', if he has to position a tub into a circular handcrafted wooden hole in a decked area.. well, I am not going to be held responsible for his language!


Last year, one of our hot tub family members moved their Burford into a new location, built a decked terrace around the hot tub and integrated an above-ground pool. Connecting the pool and hot tub creates a wonderful spa-like environment, ideal for unwinding after a long day or enjoying a soak under the stars.

dream hot tub oasis and above ground pool
Living the dream!

If you prefer composite decking, it is a more durable option that requires very little maintenance, but is a bit more expensive.

dream hot tub oasis from

Alternatively, you could go all-out with a DIY dream hot tub oasis. 

Perhaps these ideas from will help to inspire you.

A bit too ambitious?

For creating surrounds and gazebos, pallet wood is definitely a popular choice. With a little creativity and skills in DIY, you could knock up something like this. Obviously, you would have to allow for the chimney!

creating your dream hot tub oasis

Take a look at other designs for decked spaces

Everyone has a different design for a space that will suit their needs. If you are considering where to put a decked area, contact us for advice or sketch out a drawing. Tim will cast his professional eye over it and help you decide when and where to position the tub.

It is often easier to complete the design with the tub in situ. However, if you are laying a decked surface without any steps or rails, the hot tub or sauna can be placed directly on it as soon as it is laid. Now, check out more excellent creations from our clever hot tub family!

Gorgeous gravel or concrete spaces

Whether you have an original gravelled area or are creating a new one for the hot tub, transform it into a beautiful natural surround by adding a rock or timber border. A selection of shrubs, plants or grasses help to complete the perfect picture. Gravel is a popular option, as it can be created easily by most people. But if you don't want to get your hands dirty, you can always ask Tim to make the base for you, and he will come along with Simon to help out. However, we can also give you all the information you need to get the gloves on and DIY!

Sensual sounds

If you are lucky enough to have a water feature in your garden, a stream, lake or pond, it is the perfect backdrop for a hot tub or sauna. The gentle sound of running water will complement the soothing sound of the Burford bubbles and create a tranquil atmosphere.

If you prefer, a fountain or a garden waterfall will produce a similar effect and provide visual pleasure. It all adds to the relaxation of the mind, body and soul.

Next to or near to?

Lots of hot tubs and saunas are situated next to or near the house, garden room, bar or other outside building. With twinkling lights and soft music playing in the background, the hot tub space can feel as if it is in one of your everyday rooms.

Some members of our hot tub family have created a space right outside their bedroom door or patio door. It’s a fantastic idea for all-year-round hot tubbing, as you can step straight into hot tub heaven without tiptoeing all the way through the garden.

Views make it more memorable

Sometimes, even if you have to put on your wellies to get to your hot tub or sauna, a panoramic picture-perfect view will dictate where you want your space. It might mean getting diggers in to create a sturdy deck or raised platform using natural materials like wood or stone. But it will all be worth it, when you can watch the sunset or sunrise over the mountains or across the meadows.

So, as you can see, ordering your hot tub is the easy part because we do it for you. But you can have a lot of fun creating a perfect space to suit you and your lifestyle.

Our Springtime offer ends soon, so order now and we will deliver it when you have your base ready. And almost all of the above ideas (except for the incredible views!) can be achieved after the hot tub or sauna is in position.

Another way of looking at it is if you already have major landscaping plans for your garden, get the hot tub and sauna in first. That way you have the added benefit of relaxing your weary bones after a hard day landscaping or building. Now that is definitely a win/win situation. Happy hot-tubbing!

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