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Basking in Bubbles: The Ultimate Hot Tub & Sauna Experience

Bubbly and bubbling bubbles
La Guimondiere - Bubbling waters of the hot tub with a glass of fizz. Hot tub heaven!

The end of the year is a time to reflect on what has happened over the last twelve months, good things and not so good. This year, thankfully, it's been mostly good personally and business-wise. All I can say is, it takes a lot of hard work to keep a business busy bubbling all year round, but I think we have finally cracked it!

Quality Counts

First and foremost, we are blessed with having excellent products from The Cotswold Leisure Group - they practically sell themselves! Our wood-fired hot tub range offers a style and size tub to suit everyone. And for sauna lovers, we have the hand-crafted Haapa and Therme cabins. So, with well-designed and high-quality products, we are halfway there, which leaves me and Tim responsible for the other customer-focused part. 

We pride ourselves in our customer service, and our passion for spreading hot tub and sauna joy is mentioned in almost all our 5* Google reviews. However, it is the feedback and stories from our customers that motivate us to maintain our commitment to providing the best service possible. It is amazing to have such a supportive hot tub and sauna family in France, and we are very grateful.

Bubbles and Fizz

Whether you love a Winter Cocktail or a glass of fizz, when you combine it with the air bubble massage system in all our eco-friendly tubs you know you are in hot tub heaven. In customer feedback, the bubbles always get a mention. For most people, the massage, which helps soothe away any aches and pains is highly celebrated. However, the bubbles in the free bottle of fizz also get a mention or two! Ultimately, we want you to make your hot tub time special, whether it is with or without bubbles!

Let’s raise a glass for small businesses!

It is a great honour when a gite business invests in our business. Gite owners Maccine and Graeme who run La Guimondiere contacted me earlier this year. They were keen to discuss the benefits of having wood-fired hot tubs to complement their gite and pool area. Obviously, I could offer them the feedback given by our other business customers, but I suggested they speak directly to our other gite owners. Nothing better than getting it straight from the ‘hot tub’ owner’s mouth!

Subsequently, after a chat with Sarah and Blake from La Longere Rose who bought two hot tubs from us last year, Maccine and Graeme ordered two Burford Deluxe tubs which we delivered at the end of August. Very wisely, they decided one hot tub was for their own garden and the other was for their gite. It is definitely a good idea to treat yourself too, otherwise, you may get hot tub envy when you see your guests having such a great time. So think on gite owners, you work hard all year round - make sure you don’t miss out!

I wrote to Maccine at the end of the gite season to find out if they were pleased with their investment. This is her response.

“Guests who have stayed with us since we installed the hot tub have absolutely loved it. As it was only installed at the end of the season, not many guests have had the chance to use it. However, those who have could not have been more complimentary; they loved the look of the hot tub, the ease of lighting it and how long it stayed hot. I can honestly say we are thrilled to have installed it and look forward to more guests using it next year. I’m sure it will extend our season, fingers crossed.”  - LA GUIMONDIERE, 53700 SAINT-AUBIN-DU-DESERT

So let us raise a glass to Maccine and Graeme on the success of their first year. Just to let you know, their experiences in 2023 have been filmed for a TV show and guess what? The camera crew happened to be there when we delivered the hot tubs. So you never know you might catch a glimpse of Hot Tubs in France on the television early in 2024. I'll keep you posted.

Another challenge for Tim

This year, Tim is very proud of our smooth and successful sauna deliveries. A disappointing modification to the trailer at the start of the year meant we could not deliver the saunas using our own equipment. But now, once a manitou is on-site to lift the heavy load, Tim takes the controls and skilfully negotiates the sauna into position.

Everyone who orders a sauna knows that mechanical help is required. Customers are impressed with Tim's abilities, and as they watch the sauna get manoeuvred into position, they are thankful he is the one in control. Fortunately for us, halfway through the year, Tim found Simon, who has similar driving experience and unloading skills - and absolutely no fear! Now, we have a sauna delivery dream team, and I am over the moon because I am about as useful as a wet towel on sauna deliveries.

Supporting small business

Another budding business duo ordered a hot tub and a sauna for their retreat. Inge and David have created a calm place where people can unwind and connect with their inner selves. Tim and Simon had to carefully negotiate a steep incline and raised decking to position their new restful retreat purchases.

After the successful installation, Inge said, with a huge smile - That was quite an adventure!

I am pleased to report that their investment is already in use. As they prepare for the opening of their new venture in 2024, they are personally ensuring the sanctuary will meet their guests' high standards

“We are very happy with the sauna and hot tub. We take the time at least once a week to enjoy it ourselves.”  Inge & David.

We are proud to be involved with and supporting so many new businesses in France. This year, the sauna and hot tub combination continues to be a popular choice for private and commercial users. We have been delighted with the interest, and now Tim and Simon have cracked the delivery process, they will be kept very busy in the New Year!

Christmas Countdown

If you are considering buying a hot tub or sauna - or both - in 2024, you still have time to contact us and make the most of our 5% discount. Order before Christmas Eve and reserve your hot tub or sauna with only a 10% deposit. We will place the order, store it and deliver it when you are ready next year! That's a service you cannot beat. So go on, why not treat yourself?

Festive Cheer

Thank you to everyone who helped make Hot Tubs in France a success in 2023 and in all the previous years. May this festive season end the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a fresh and bright New Year. Here’s wishing you and all those close to you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

If you are opening the fizz over the festive season, fire up the hot tub, enjoy a warm, inviting bathing experience, and raise a glass to happiness, health and a world at peace.

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