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Winter Care For You And Your Heavenly Hot Tub

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Winter care tips for your hot tub. Image is of a tree covered in frost and snow against a bright blue winter sky

We're not even half-way through November and the outside temperature is beginning to drop. It's storm season in France at the moment, and easy to forget the hard frosts and heavy snowfall of previous years. So, if you are locking up and leaving your hot tub for a few weeks over the coming months, then in our next blog we'll share a few tips for winterising your tub. However, if like many of our customers, you spend most of your time in France, then you'll know there is something quite exhilarating about luxurious outdoor bathing. So don't drain it - use it!

Soak away winter aches and pains

If you use your tub frequently through the winter the heat from the boiler and the water will help keep everything working well, including your body! There are so many health benefits to hot water bathing in the winter, especially if you suffer more from rheumatism and arthritis when it gets colder. Our happy hot tub owners have been messaging us to say how much they enjoy using their wood-fired hot tub during the colder months. It almost feels more relaxing soaking in a warm tub when the temperature has dropped, especially if you suffer from winter aches and pains. A regular, soothing hydrotherapy session can gently ease the pain and help improve your sleep. And what better way to relax than under a clear, star-filled sky?

Winter care guide

The number one tip for using your hot tub in winter is to plan ahead. It will take longer than usual to get the water to your desired temperature because the initial water temperature and outside climate are significant factors. Always make sure that the hot tub cover is on while the water is warming up. The insulated cover comes in very handy here and helps a lot to reduce the heat-up time and to maintain the temperature while bathing. One of our customers told us they regularly bathe with the insulated lid half open because it's acts as a wind-break. And if you're in one of the family-size tubs, like the Burford Deluxe, there is still plenty of room for two people to stretch out even with half the tub covered. Sounds like a good excuse to cuddle up close too.

Winter care for your hot tub

Keep an eye on the temperature

Always check the short term weather forecast, because even with the insulated fibreglass walls and lid, if it gets freezing cold and your tub is in an exposed place, there is a risk that the water could freeze in the hot tub. Since water expands when freezing, the increase in volume could cause serious damage to the tub's interior lining, wooden panels, heaters and massage systems. So if zero temperatures are forecast and you're not going to be using the tub for a few days, make sure you drain it. If you have a Kingham or Moreton Hydro tub, always remember to push the air button and hydro button when the tub is empty to make sure all the water has left the pipes.

If you only use it at weekends, fill it up on Friday and drain it on Monday. The average cost of filling up a tub the size of the Burford Deluxe is 3€, which is a lot cheaper than repairing a frost damage boiler. However, if you're planning to use it every couple of days, then you shouldn't have any problems. Just keep it covered with the insulated lid and it should be fine.

Stay safe and warm

Although it is wonderful to be able to use your hot tub all year round, in winter when it's cold and wet you need to take extra care. Make sure you have a quick and easy path to and from the house to your hot tub. It's a good idea to wear non-slip shoes or slippers, and maybe even lay some temporary anti-slip matting or stepping stones. So you're not walking on cold, wet grass or slippery surfaces.

hot tub in winter with a thin layer of snow

Another top tip - make sure your wood is kept dry and that you have a stack nearby so that you don't have to go searching for it in the dark. Owners of the Supreme Wooden Steps with built in storage will be reaping the rewards this winter!

I'm also told the solid wood handrail is very useful for hanging towels and robes on, for when you're stepping in and out of the warm water.

Alternatively, keep your towels and robes warm by wrapping them around a hot water bottle, so you stay warm and comfortable as you walk back indoors.

Get a hat

Winter is not the time to be getting your hair wet, because being out in cold weather with wet hair can bring on colds and 'flu. So make sure your head stays warm by keeping your hair and face dry. If you’re feeling particularly festive, why not wear your favourite Christmas hat? It doesn't matter if it's not festive, just as long as it's functional, and keeps your the chill off. It's amazing the difference it can make! (Personally I prefer one with side flaps to stop my ears getting cold).

hats for the hot tub gift ideas

Benefits of cold water bathing

Being outdoors watching the night sky or watching a film together is great fun! Early dark nights mean you can be outside sooner enjoying your wonderfully warm bathing experience. Or if you are slightly crazy, you could even try cold water bathing. It's not for me, but Joe Wicks swears by it and says there are several health benefits of cold water bathing, if you are brave enough to try it.

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