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Warming Winter Cocktails

All year round Having your own hot tub means that you can kick back and relax in the warm, invigorating water all year round. But maybe sitting outside doesn't appeal to you much when it's a little bit chilly. Well, perhaps these winter warmer cocktails will help to change your mind. And whether you are going to spend time in the hot tub, or have a few socially-distancing friends round, like all good cub scouts, Be Prepared. Key ingredients When it comes to making cocktails a

Adam Henson - BBC Countryfile presenter and Happy Hot Tub Owner

Sunday night viewing "Adam Henson is perhaps the best-known farmer in the UK, presenting his own section on BBC’s Countryfile to millions of viewers each Sunday evening. But farming and conservation are Adam’s first passions and when the camera stops rolling, there is still plenty of work to be done". Cotswold Farm Park So why our sudden interest in Adam Henson? Is it because he is a popular TV presenter and shares his real-life farming stories on the BBC's Countryfile progra