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All included in your Hot Tub Heaven-ly Price

Even though we think our pricing is clear on the website, new customers still ask us what else do they need to pay for. Well, you will need a good solid base for your tub and a hose pipe for filling and emptying your tub. Oh, and a standard plug socket if you want to use the massaging bubble system and built-in LED lights. Everything else is included in the Hot Tub Heaven package.

Even the accessories?

Unlike other hot tub suppliers we don't charge for any accessories, and you can even choose your colour combination free of charge. The Burford Deluxe hot tub even includes the insulated cover as standard. This is a real bonus because not only does it keep the water warmer for longer, but it's also lightweight and can easily be lifted by one person. (Fantastic if you want to have a bit of quiet, relaxing 'me time' in the tub while everyone is away).

And if you don't believe me, this is from one of our customers, Darcie .. I think she's impressed, don't you?

Hi there Nicola, we got in the hot tub properly last night with a couple of friends and some bottles of cava, under a spotlight moon. It took me 2 hours to heat it from 10 degrees to 37, and then it held 37-38 degrees for two hours. Now, 15 hours later through a frozen night, it is at 35...whaaat?! Awesome tub, thank you very much!

What's included

If you haven't checked on our website recently, then I'll go through everything in full so everyone can see that Hot Tubs In France don't do hidden charges. It was one of the things we agreed when we were setting up our business plan, make it an All Inclusive price and throw in a bottle of fizz. I think the fizz is the best bit for a lot of our customers, because we all love a freebie don't we?

Best selling Burford Deluxe

The best selling eco-tub in our range is without a doubt the Burford Deluxe, and that's mainly down to the quality of the Cotswold Eco-tubs. Their supplier base in the UK is expanding (10 altogether, including one in Ireland) and we have every confidence in them and the manufacturers. You might find a less expensive wood-fired hot tub, but it won't come with accessories included in the price. And you will probably have to pay extra for delivery and installation too. With Hot Tubs In France installation is included in the price. Delivery is too if you are not too far from our base, but even then we only charge an amount to cover fuel costs.

The Hot Tub Heaven Package

From the start of 2022 our Burford Deluxe hot tub is even more heavenly, because the insulated cover is now included as standard. Not only does it keep the water warmer for longer, but it also means the water heats up faster. Even in the winter when it's freezing cold outside, the heat up time can be around 2 hours, which is a lot less time than an electric version.

I'll quickly list everything that you get for the all-inclusive Burford Deluxe price of 5578€.

  • Lightweight insulated cover - we can't recommend this enough. I just wish we'd bought ours sooner. If you already have a Burford then it's still possible to buy one separately.

  • Curved Steps - shown above, on the right. These can be placed anywhere around the tub (except in front of the boiler, of course). This customer also purchased the Supreme Step as an added extra, because of the hand-rail and built in wood store.

  • Extended Drinks Bar with Wine Cooler - holds up to 4 good-sized glasses (not provided) and the wine cooler, which is perfect for keeping your wine nicely chilled (free bottle of fizz included for testing purposes).

  • Dry Bubble System with Ozonator - if you can plug in your tub to a standard electrical supply or using an extension lead, then you can sooth and massage your body all over at the push of a button.

  • 8 Internal LED Lights - create a more sensual bathing experience with the integrated colour changing LEDs.

  • Triple-Treated Wood Exterior - high quality finish, and the specially treated wood means your tub will last for years.

  • Chimney Flue Heat Shield - extra protection around the metal chimney to keep hands safely away from the heat of the boiler flue.

  • Chimney Cowl - stops rain getting into the chimney, increases the up-draught to clear smoke from the fire, and stops the downdraught of the wind blowing the fire out

  • Tension Bands - these hold the exterior wood securely in place and prevent movement.

  • Insulation integrated within the fibreglass - helps keep the water temperature warm so you only need a small fire. It also insulates against the cold weather freezing the water. Other suppliers use cheaper, thinner fibreglass and don't integrate the insulation in the walls of the fibreglass.

  • High-flow drain tap & hose-lock attachment - easy to fit a standard hose pipe so when you empty your tub the water can be directed to any part of the garden or drains.

  • 'Chemical Free' Water Treatment Starter Sachet & Discount Code - as well as providing a floating dispenser with chlorine tablets, we also give you a pouch of Active Silver Oxygen to try.

  • Integrated Chlorine-Resistant Grade 304 Boiler & All Components - the boiler has been designed for a very fast heat up. It works by convection so you can be in a warm, bubbling hot tub in 2 hours in the winter. and in even less time when the outside temperature is higher.

  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty & additional 1 year on metal components - all the parts are modular which means that if anything does wrong and needs to be replaced then only the failed part needs to be replaced. And it's all part of our 5* After Sales Service.

  • Delivery and Installation - we will always aim to deliver as cheaply as possible. The first hour of travel from our Hot Tubs HQ is free. But after that the cost is for diesel and any toll road charges. It also includes our time at your house, which on average is about an hour and a half. Sounds a long time, but we make sure that you know exactly how to light the fire, how to clean, fill, drain and maintain your tub. It's all part of our personal and friendly service. And it helps our lovely customers get the best out of their hot tubs for many years to come.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, or need help and advice on choosing the best hot tub base for your new tub, or making it more private please get in touch. We're always happy to help.

Don't forget as well, that we are looking for great venues for our Hot Tubs On Tour events this year. It can be a great boost for your business and bring in new, local customers. So, if you or someone you know would be interested in hosting an event for a few short hours, just call or email us for a chat. Happy Hot Tubbing!

To contact Hot Tubs In France, call direct on 0749 19 46 84.

Or email

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