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It's February and love is definitely in the air

February, the month of all things about LOVE. Apparently more couples get engaged this time of year, and it's also when there are the highest number of bridal shows. So while it's not a popular month to be actually getting married - except for Valentine's weekend - lots of wedding planning starts in February. And that's exactly what I am doing, helping my newly engaged daughter plan her 2023 wedding.

Wedding insurance

One of the strangest things I have come across in my new wedding coordinator role is wedding insurance. But then when you actually think about it, everything associated with weddings is expensive and bad things can happen. Losing your engagement or wedding rings, or your 5 year old grandson flushing the ring down the toilet - I bet that isn't included on the household insurance. But I'm thinking happy thoughts and focusing on making the day extra special for my daughter and her fiancé.

Ticking all the boxes

I have got so many lists now it's unbelievable and unmanageable. So I'm currently creating a new online calendar with all the important events - viewing of venues, last dates to order dresses, flowers and photographers; pamper days for bride-to-be and her friends; hot tub hen party party and lots more. With a bit of luck we will find somewhere for the hen party that has the ultimate tub for outdoor spa luxury, the wonderful Winchcombe. If not, maybe we can sell them one because we know from some of our hot tub businesses that having a hot tub on site has definitely improved their bookings. Whether it's a wedding venue or separate accommodation for guests the added bonus of offering a private hot tub spa experience is certainly a tick in the box for a lot of event organisers - like me!

Keeping everyone entertained

I've attended a few events over the years, I'm sure we all have. But after a couple of hours, when everyone has had the meal, a few drinks, and chatted to people they know (and like), occasionally they get a bit restless. This is where the entertainment normally kicks in and this can make or break the event.

One of the best surprise entertainment companies I have come across is Singing Waiters in France. It's a fantastic idea and always very well executed and received by everyone. They go undercover, usually as waiters, and get to know the guests and the bride and groom. After a couple of hours of detective work, when the time is right they give everyone the biggest surprise of their lives. Every event is different and certainly memorable for all concerned.

Musical interlude

Lots of people have live music or a DJ for entertainment, and for that unforgettable first dance. Everyone's musical tastes are different, but when we attended the Mad Hatter's Wonderland Hop last year we all had a fantastic time and there were some amazing bands. All it was missing was a hot tub because it was such a hot weekend and a cool tub would have been absolutely perfect. I'm hoping to catch up with Charlotte from Mad Hatter's Kitchen soon to see if she can recommend any of her great acts, and to see when this year's festival is planned for. That's definitely a date to put in your diary!

Share the love

But February is not all about wedding shows, it also includes Valentine's Day and another of my favourite French days - February 2nd 'La Chandeleur' – Candlemas. And why is it a favourite? Because it's traditionally when everyone eats crepes! So now can you see why I like February so much? Jour des crêpes on the 2nd, and chocolates, fizz and hot tub heaven on Valentine's Day. This year is slightly different as we will be celebrating my daughter's engagement, but normally it's lovely chilled bubbles from the bottle in the deliciously warm, soft soothing bubbles of the hot tub. And there aren't many things lovelier than hot tub heaven - except maybe chocolates. And crêpes. In the hot tub. Happy Hot Tubbing!

To contact Hot Tubs In France, call direct on 0749 19 46 84.


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