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Happy Hot Tub Business Owners #6

Praana Wellness and Chez Vallée,

Saint Germain de Vibrac, 17500, Charente Maritime

Connection & Relaxation

Quite simply, the loveliest chateau we have ever visited and our very first hot tub sale in France. The moment Chez Vallée comes into view, it really takes your breath away. This beautifully secluded property, surrounded by woodlands and vineyards, was once a cognac distillery. The 'petit chateau' has been tastefully restored by Amanda and Fraser and in their own words, 'It's a place dedicated to connection and relaxation'.

Praana Wellness

Amanda is a Counselling Psychologist, Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga therapist. Her business, Praana Wellness is run at the chateau, where she hosts retreats and therapy workshops. However, because of the coronavirus and lockdowns, most of her face-to-face courses and workshops are now online. This has enabled Amanda to provide much-needed support for even more people, through emails, Facebook and Zoom groups.

In one of our most recent conversations Amanda told me " became obvious that we were approaching more restrictions with this pandemic, and my number of private clients was increasing. I gave it much thought and decided there had to be a way of me supporting more people through groups. This is ultimately more economical for individuals and offers them continuous support for the foreseeable future".

Chateau for rent

In addition to being a wellness event's centre, chateau Chez Vallée, can also be privately rented. It can sleep up to 15 people in the main house, and if required you can put 2 of the naughty ones in The Shed. There are two rental options available: completely private and self-catered or, for special events and occasions, the luxury option. With this you can have your own chef and housekeeper for the week, a personal trainer and yoga sessions. They can also arrange wine and cognac tours, city tours and private tastings at the house. What is there not to like, especially as you also have exclusive access to the pool and our divine hot tub?

Virtual Community 2021

Because of the growing demand and need for online therapy and support, Amanda is setting up a new Online Virtual Community beginning January 2021. There are a total of 12 programmes over the year, with different health and well-being topics each month. Educational material can be downloaded, and there's also a private community group, Zoom meetings and even video content. The programmes normally cost between £30 - £50 each. But for 2021, the complete year and 12 programmes is just £60 (or 68€). Imagine the help and support this could give to your friends and family if we are all still in lockdown, and unable to spend quality time with loved ones.

Find out more

For more information about the Virtual Community, to purchase gift certificates, or to find out more about Praana Wellness and Chez Vallée, contact Amanda. Email her directly at, or you can contact her via the website.

To learn about our other Happy Hot Tub Businesses, subscribe using the field below, or email us and ask to be added to our mailing list. And who knows, it might be your business, or a friend's, that's coming up next. Happy Hot Tubbing!

If you're interested in owning your own, wonderfully relaxing, hot tub heaven, or want to find out how it could boost your business, contact Nicola at Hot Tubs In France. Call direct on 0749 19 46 84 or email

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