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Hibernating your Hot Tub in Winter

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Anyone that's tried it will know that using your hot tub in winter is an invigorating experience and provides wonderful warm relief from the harsh weather. However, a little bit of hot tub hydrotherapy can also ease winter aches and pains, and make cold dark evenings feel lovely and cosy - especially if it you're cosying up with a loved one. So, let's leave ice baths to Joe Wicks and the penguins! But if you can't use your hot tub in winter - for whatever reason - make sure you follow these simple steps to hibernate your hot tub (or bain-nordique in French) ready for the change in weather.

Freezing weather

Hot tub water can freeze in extreme cold weather. So if you're going to drain it make sure that the pipes and filters are clear of any excess water, because frozen pipes can cause costly damage. Several of our customers swear by using a wet and dry vacuum to remove any excess that might be left in the pipes and the drain. Use the vac on all the jets and the drain to clear out the residue water and reduce the risk of frozen pipes. Another top tip (from Tim this time) is to get the WD-40 out. Tim says it's a good idea to remove the air-jet covers, spray the screw-thread of the covers and then put them back on. But remember to make sure they're only finger-tight, so any air can still escape. Here is our checklist for anyone locking up and leaving their hot tub behind for the winter, or even if there is very long freezing cold weather forecast.

Hot Tub Winterising Checklist

  1. Drain the hot tub. Make sure you thoroughly drain all the water by opening up the built-in tap. If there is imminent chance of cold weather then be careful that the drained water isn't likely to freeze across a path and cause an accident. As mentioned above, using a wet and dry vacuum to clear the jets and the drain will remove al access water and prevent freezing problems.

  2. Press the Air /Hydro buttons to push out any water in the pipes

  3. Unplug the hot tub from the electric socket. Wrap the plug up so it's winter weatherproof.

  4. Clean the filter cartridge. This only applies to anyone with one of our new Kingham or Moreton Hydro tubs with built-in filtration system. The filter has a paper cartridge and the cartridge can be cleaned or replaced, depending on it's condition. A dirty filter with a lot of build-up cannot function properly, so try and get into the habit of rinsing it every week with water. Otherwise, If the filter is discoloured or has any visible damage, you'll need to replace it with a new filter. Also, remember to drain the Intex filter too - have a look at your Intex user guide for more information.

  5. Clean the interior of the tub. I usually clean my tub with any non-abrasive kitchen cleaner and then give it a good rub down with a dry towel to make sure any residue cleaning product is removed.

  6. Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth. And if you get a chance, touch-up or re-stain the exterior wood.

  7. Clean the insulated cover. Again, I give ours a quick wipe-over with a cloth and a bit of WD-4O to get rid of any dust or dirt that may have built up.

  8. Empty the ash pan. Clear out all the cold ash and any bits of charcoal (Tim likes this job and uses the vacuum to get it looking good as new!)

  9. Make sure the tub drain tap is left open

  10. Sweep the chimney. You can buy a chimney brush for under 50€ or do what one of our customers does and use an old toilet brush taped to a pole. When it's clean, the removable top section of the chimney can be stored in the barn. Make sure to cover the lower section with a plastic bag, or something similar. This is to stop creatures nesting in it or it getting full of rain water.

Another customer's top tip : If you haven't got one of the original fibreglass storm covers for your hot tub, cover it with a tarpaulin instead. This will help to prevent damage from leaves, branches and severe weather. Fasten the tarpaulin securely over the insulated cover and it will also prevent any bugs getting into your hot tub and inviting all their friends!

Et voila. When you're ready to open up the tub again in the springtime, it will still be all shiny and clean and ready to use.

Recent deliveries

In case you missed it on our Facebook and Google Business pages, I've included a few photos from our recent Moreton Hydro delivery. What an incredible day it was and truly amazing teamwork! This is a very impressive luxury wood-fired hot tub with all the latest state-of-the-art features, and I'm a little bit envious of the new owners.

I have to admit it was a bit touch and go at times, but you can see the relief on Tim's face with that huge grin. The new owners will be spending many happy hot tub hours in this tub, that's for sure.

Get into the festive spirit

We're now busy preparing for this Sunday's Christmas fair in Lessac 16500 (27th November). We'll be there all day with lots of other stallholders, artisans and producers. The divine Burford Deluxe will be with us and we'll be answering questions and offering advice on how to get the best hot tub heavenly bathing experiences from your Cotswold Eco tubs.

One last point if you are planning to use your tub this winter and want to cutdown the heat up time and keep the water warmer for longer. If you don't already have one of the lightweight insulated covers for your tub, we have a few in stock. Call or email us to order one now and if you're in the area you can collect it from Hot Tubs HQ or from Lessac market at the weekend.

Remember to subscribe using the field below, or just email us and ask to be added to our mailing list. You can then be amongst the first to find out about exclusive hot tub offers and read more great hints and tips. Happy Hot Tubbing!

If you're interested in any of our winter-warming heavenly hot tubs, contact Nicola by calling direct on 0749 19 46 84. Or email

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