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Hot Tub Party Swimwear Fashion for Women

Let's get this hot tub party season started!

Finally, the gloriously warm weather is here. Now it's time to get the summer hot tub party season started. There are so many things to consider when you are planning to have a few friends round for drinks and a dip in the hot or cool tub. But for all the women out there - men too, if you're stuck for gift ideas - buying lovely new hot tub party swimwear is probably at the top of your planning and To Do list. Although, now I've mentioned 'hot tub party', maybe buying a Burford Deluxe hot tub that you can enjoy all-year round has gone straight in at Number 1. If so, you know who to call.

Enjoy the Summer in a Cotswold 'Cool' Tub

It's Shimmer-time

Summer sun inevitably means drinks in and around the tub. And, whether you are spending the day or evening with family and friends you want to feel comfortable and look stylish. For me, you can't beat a simply little black swimsuit, with a little touch of bling from a shimmering sarong. And what about a pair of sparkly sandals to wear between the hot tub and the house? Remember this is your party and you need to be the dazzling hostess!

Extra cover

You've got your swimwear, sparkly sandals, sun glasses and a floppy straw sun hat. Now to complete your party look with a fabulous light cover up item. A sheer dress, kaftan or sarong can keep you looking and feeling cool, but they're also easy to slip off when it's time to dip a toe in the tub. I can personally recommend wearing a lightweight dress - they're feminine, floaty, and comfortable. Another bonus is that lovely lightweight frocks don't need ironing! However, I also think kaftans and sarongs are a great idea. With lots of patterns, colours and sizes they're suitable for all ages and genders. Just think, our hot tub family could start a great new trend here in France.

French Swimwear

If you're inviting French friends or neighbours to your Hot Tub party then expect the ladies' swimwear to be simple, elegant and chic. Their priority is comfort (I can go along with that) and nothing too gaudy or in bright, neon colours.

Hot tub offer ending soon

If you're now in the hot tub party mood but still debating when to order yours, you have a few days left to grab our great offer. Up to and including the 15th May 2022 there are 3 extra reasons to buy a wood-burning hot tub from our great Cotswold Eco Tubs range.

  1. 150€ discount

  2. Free delivery within 1 hour of Hot Tubs HQ

  3. 10€ donation for every tub purchased goes to the Ukraine Appeal

For more information about our outstanding offer, or if you have any other questions, just get in touch using the details below. Share the hot tub love by sending us more of your fantastic photos and reviews. We love hearing from you. Have a great weekend and Happy Hot Tubbing!

To contact Hot Tubs In France, call direct on 07 49 19 46 84.


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