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The NEW Winchcombe 9 Seater Hot Tub

The 'Ultimate' Eco tub for outdoor spa luxury

We wouldn't have believed it if we hadn't seen it with our own eyes. Our Burford Deluxe tub seats up to 6 people, but the new Winchcombe is even bigger and better. It can comfortably seat 9 people. And when you consider that a hot tub can be used all year round - cool tub in summer, hot tub in winter - then it makes you wonder whether it's actually more cost effective than a pool. You'd definitely get more more use out of a hot tub, unless you can afford a heated pool and the additional costs for heating and servicing.

Wood-fired wins every time

When we first moved to France it was always our intention to have a pool installed. But when we worked out the cost for something we could only use for a few months of the year, well it was a no-brainer. The wood-fired hot tub won hands down, not just because of the year-round use, but for being eco-friendly, easy to fill, and so simple to clean and sanitize. It also takes up a lot less space.

Extra leg-room

The extra space you get with the Winchcombe doesn't only provide more room to move. It also gives you the extra leg-room to stretch out and relax after a hard day at work or tending the garden.

It comes with an insulated, lightweight leather cover included in the price too, so your wonderfully spacious tub will stay warmer for longer.

Quick to heat up

Although the Winchcombe is larger (it holds around 1000 litres), the heat up time is on a par with the Burford Deluxe because it has a bigger boiler. If we didn't already have our tried and trusted eco tub I'm pretty certain this is the one that Tim would prefer, so he could stretch out a bit more. He has been up and down ladders the last couple of weeks, putting a new roof on the barn. And it's times like these when hot tub hydrotherapy can't be beaten. It is like having your own outdoor spa with a personal masseuse! Seriously. Stretching out in a tub is one of the quickest and easiest ways to relax tired and tense muscles.

Group bookings

While the pandemic caused us some problems with deliveries in 2020, we were still able to deliver our tubs while keeping socially distanced. Sadly, a lot of businesses in France have been seriously impacted, not least the tourism industry. I'm glad to say that things are beginning to look a little more positive. Bookings from European holiday-makers are slowly on the increase, so fingers-crossed it is a busy summer season for our French hot tub business owners. It's this positive attitude, plus enquiries from gite owners and a wedding venue, that prompted us to add the Winchcombe to our range. They wanted a tub suitable for 'exclusive use' group bookings, where families and friends can book 2 or 3 gites and have the entire complex to themselves. It costs a little more, but makes a lot of sense as people feel safer knowing they are the only guests using the facilities.

Post-lockdown reunions

But it won't only be businesses that will benefit from owning a 9 seater hot tub. Just think about those post-lockdown family and friend reunions. I am quietly planning summer and autumn hot tub parties in my head - I just can't wait.

Maybe we do need to upgrade to the Winchcombe tub then. I'll let Tim think it's his idea though because it's mostly for his benefit. Just think of all that extra room he would have to stretch out after a long, hard day up on the roof. Our motto at Hot Tubs in France is "Relax. Replenish. Revive". I can't think of a better way to do that than in your very own, very large hot tub, can you?

Want to know more about owning a hot tub?

Email Nicola at or call 0033 (0)749 194684

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