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"Took delivery yesterday of our new Burford Hydro hot tub. Apart from the Brexit derived delay in getting the product to France, the whole process could not have been smoother. Nicola kept us regularly up to date on progress, and Tim took no time at all to complete the installation.

Showing all the restraint of a pair of spoilt two year olds we got the fire flashed up, and spent a couple hours lolling about in the tub. Watching the stars come out whilst quaffing champagne.

This is the ultimate expression of decadence. Had to go back and do it all again this afternoon in the rain, sans champagne. Most of this winter is going to be whiled away being philosophical, whilst up to our necks in warm water.  Perfect!"

Charles Hill - another Happy Hot Tub Owner


How to make your hot tub more private

Hot tub privacy is always a popular topic, so I've updated the blog to include a couple of new ideas.

Pool vs Hot Tub

Would you prefer a pool or a hot tub? I'm looking forward to hearing your side of this fun debate

Getting to know you

We have an unwritten rule which is that the hot tub is a stress-free zone. So we never talk business, even if we've got a long 'To Do' list.

National Hot Tub Day 28th March

National Hot Tub Day is 28th March, so you know what that means don't you? Another excuse to kickback and relax in our wood-fired hot tub.

St Patricks Day 17th March

How to celebrate St Patrick's Day St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and on the 17th of March, St. Patrick's Day will be celebrated by people all over the world. Irish and non-Irish folk will be eating, drinking and making merry with food, drink, and all things green. Although I hope there isn't any green-coloured Guinness as that would just be sacrilege, especially in Tim's eyes because it's one of his favourite drinks. Festivals and parades Although St Patrick is an

Next Open Day Event 10th April

Our next event April 10 - Maison ila and its surroundings are enchantingly romantic - the perfect place to rest, reconnect and re-energise.

Especially for two

Since we discovered Cotswold Eco Tubs we’ve been blown away by how practical and cost effective they are. Swift to heat up and easy to clean

Book a private viewing at our next Hot Tub Open Day

Saturday 27th Feb at Hot Tubs In France HQ 2020 - that was then It's hard to believe that the picture above was from our first Hot Tubs In France event in 2020. It was the launch of our brand new business and prior to the COVID restrictions. Hence all the happy, smiling faces. So much has happened in 12 months, and we have been luckier than a lot of other businesses, because we have been able to carry on trading. We had a few concerns last summer when the manufacturer was una