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Hot Tub vs Sauna: Which One Should You Buy?

Individually saunas and hot tubs are equally good for healthy living and personal pampering. However, a combined sauna and hot tub therapy will give you double the benefits to your health, wellness and relaxation.

If you're lucky enough to have everything, i.e. a home gym, pool, sauna and hot tub, then this will be like teaching your Granny to suck eggs. Obviously you already know how to stay physically and emotionally fit, healthy and stress-free. But what if you had to choose between owning a hot tub or a sauna? And why is now the best time to buy?

Health and Happiness

I've been doing a bit of extra research since we had the sauna set up at Hot Tubs HQ and a steamy sauna is an excellent way to cleanse the body of toxins. But also, as the stresses and strains of modern day life have increased, people are now much more aware of the therapeutic value of saunas, especially for relaxation.

You've probably read about how happy and healthy the Finnish people are. Is it a coincidence that their sauna culture is the most popular, not just in Nordic countries, but worldwide? Recently, for the sixth year on the trot, Finland has been crowned the happiest country in the world. So, if you can't beat them - join them. Here are just a few reasons why sauna therapy is good for you.

Sauna Health Benefits

The basic principle of a sauna is to raise the temperature and cause steam. Water condenses on the sauna bather’s skin, making them perspire and as a consequence this cleanses the skin.

Raising the skin temperature also increases the heart rate, and the blood vessels widen as the body tries to cool itself down. The blood circulation increases, improving oxygen levels to the brain and the rest of the body, while simultaneously carrying away those nasty toxins.

That's why sauna bathers who follow a regular therapy routine feel more invigorated, healthier and stress-free.

If that hasn't convinced you, further evidence has been gathered in a fifteen year study of Finnish men and women. The following health benefits were associated with regular sauna therapy:

  • Stress relief and relaxation

  • Reduced risk of cardiac death and cardiovascular disease

  • Reduced inflammation in the blood

  • Reduced risk of high blood pressure

  • Detoxification of the body

  • Reduced pain

  • Reduced risk of a stroke

  • Reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

  • Improved function of the lymphatic system

Harry, one of our happy sauna owners told us 'We are very pleased with our sauna'. As long as our customers are happy, then we're happy too.

Hot Tub Health Benefits

Hot tub hydrotherapy is probably the most enjoyable way to soak away stress, aches and pains. The basic principles of hydrotherapy and hydro massage are to use the healing effects of warm water and air or water jets to gently massage the body. Floating in the warm water also takes the pressure off aching joints, whilst allowing the muscles to relax.

Similar to sauna therapy, warming the blood increases the heart rate and causes the blood vessels to dilate which improves blood flow. The increased blood flow lowers blood pressure and supplies more oxygen to the body and brain, and carries away lactic acids that cause pain, discomfort and muscle cramp.

Size is important - the bigger the hot tub, the better it is for stretching out and for doing low impact water aerobics or tub yoga. So you can exercise your muscles without putting any extra strain on joints and muscles.

With our Hydro tubs, the jets can be positioned so that the water gently massages specific areas of your body to relieve stress and reduce aches and pains. Come along to the Open Day and I can show you what I mean, because we will have the 6 seater Kingham Hydro tub all set up.

The list of health benefits associated with regular hot tub hydrotherapy is practically endless, but several studies have all highlighted the following benefits:

  • Stress relief and relaxation

  • Treatment for insomnia

  • Lowers diabetic blood sugar levels

  • Relieves pain and tension

  • Soothes sore joints and helps for arthritis

  • Improved metabolism that helps with weight loss

And last, but not least, hot tub bathing is perfect for Me time, Family time and Entertaining.

Why NOW is the Best Time to Buy

A few days ago, right out of the blue, we were informed that the prices of the hot tubs were going up two days later! My initial reaction is probably not suitable for publication. But my second reaction was to immediately place an order for 12 tubs to guarantee the current price for as many of our customers as possible. We desperately want to keep the prices the same for as long as possible, so we are going to hold off increasing them until 1st September.

Cotswold Eco Tubs have kept their prices the same since September 2021. However, the cost of materials, manufacturing and transportation have steadily increased. We haven't had a chance to work out the new prices yet, but as soon as we do you'll be the first to know.

Hot Tubs Open Day

We always planned to offer a few special Open Day discounts on June 24th but now we have made them even better! We're also making these discounts available to anyone that emails us via the website on the 24th (we'll respond to everyone the next day). Why should you miss out just because you can't get to Hot Tubs HQ?

We have a fantastic range of products available on the day - in fact, it's almost the full set! - three hot tubs and a sauna. The tubs we are showcasing are:

Two Seater wood-fired Glyme hot tub

1. The gorgeous two-seater Glyme with external wood-burner.

Compact and comfortable, the Glyme is perfect for couples, families, friends and singles who want to enjoy a relaxing experience. It's also popular with gite and campsite owners who want to add a little luxury to their guest accommodation.

The beauty of this small and well-designed tub, is that it has all the great features of the larger Cotswold Eco Tub models, but takes up a lot less space.

2. The Kingham Hydro 5 Person Wood-fired Hot Tub.

Although the defined seating is for 5 people, the Kingham eco-tub has ample space for 6. This stylishly smoothed square and spacious luxury hot tub has stacks of inbuilt fantastic features including a filtration system for clearer water, as well as a state-of-the-art adjustable jet Air & Hydro Massage System.

3. Our Best Seller. The Burford Deluxe 5 - 6 Person Wood-Fired Hot Tub.

Beautifully designed and hand-crafted with relaxation and luxury in mind. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the tub will become an everyday essential. Also, because a wood-fired tub heats up faster than an electric one, even if you have unexpected visitors, your tub will have heated up before you have finish your first drink!

Also on display on the day, the one thing that everyone has been dying to see, a beautiful, hand-finished sauna. Having never really been a big fan of saunas, I have to admit that I'm now completely smitten. The Cotswold sauna hut includes a Harvia wood-fired heater, a panoramic rear window, glass door and LED mood lighting. Both the Therme and Haapa models comfortably seat 4-6 people with solid internal and external wooden seating. The price also includes a complimentary accessories pack which normally retails at around 70€.

Grab A Great Deal

So, the bit you have all been waiting for - our special Open Day Deals. For saunas and hot tubs ordered on the 24th June, either in person or online we are offering these one-off discounts.

  • Hot tubs - up to €278 off the current price

  • Saunas - €500 off the current price

  • Hot tub & Sauna packages - up to €1000 off

And remember, the prices we quote include everything - delivery, installation and our 5 Star Customer Service. From ordering to after sales service our customers expect the best and that's what we deliver - every time.

Recent Customer Review

"We renovated a derelict gite in late 2022 and ordered a Burford Deluxe. It was the best decision ever, the guests love the hot tub which is included for stays of 7 nights and a small extra fee if under 7 nights. We love using the hot tub when we don't have guests staying too! It so relaxing and the lights look fantastic in the evening.

Nicola and her husband were very friendly and helpful, going over and above for us. We can't recommend them highly enough."

Melanie & Valentin - Gite de Grand Chêne, Saint-Léger-Magnazeix.

Get in Touch

If you're interested in owning either a wonderfully relaxing hot tub or one of our sensational saunas come along to Hot Tubs In France HQ on Saturday 24th June for drinks, snacks and a great discount. Call 0749 19 46 84, or email if you need any more information about ordering, delivery times, installation, running costs, etc. We're here to help.

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you very soon. Happy Hot Tubbing! and Sweat out the Stress in a Sauna! (still working on a catchy quote.. )

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