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Rely On Us to Give You Great Value For Money

Online shopping is BIG business. From Australia to the North Pole, you can pretty much buy anything you want - even cars can be bought online and delivered to your home. And yes, we all love a bargain…but as my Mum used to say ‘You get what you pay for!’

As a youngster, this phrase baffled me for years… I’d been shopping with her enough times to know you had to pay for things that you wanted. So for a long time I never really understood what she meant. Now, of course, we all know exactly what it means. Which is why, with our business I believe we use these wise words to ensure that our price reflects the excellent quality of our products and customer service.

Hidden Extras

If you have been browsing hot tubs on the world wide web then you may well have come across a hot tub at a price that's too good to be true. However, the minute you click on it, you are faced with all the hidden extras – delivery charges, the boiler – all extra! I’ve seen it for myself and I'm still not sure how they can get away with advertising a wood-fired boiler without the boiler! But my point is that by the time you have added all the essential extras, the hot tub price in the shopping cart is now a lot higher than the one that caught your eye.

"We would like to add our heartfelt thanks to you for your wonderful customer service - I guess it also helps to have an excellent product to offer! You answered all our questions promptly and honestly throughout the whole process and we were impressed with the speed of the installation and set up. We were quite impatient while waiting for the water to fill before we could jump in. We can see ourselves spending quite a lot of time in our new Cotswold Eco Tub."

Michelle and Keith, Loir-en-Vallée

Taking Care of You

After three and a half years of continuous business across France and other parts of Europe, we are proud to say we have a big family of happy hot tub and sauna customers. And the reason why is because we care. It is hard to put a price on customer care, but almost every review we receive, or after-sales email, text or comment, it is one of the most frequently mentioned reasons why people choose our small local business.


"The total experience buying a hot tub from Hot Tubs in France was fantastic. From the demonstration and information received on their open day through ordering, delivery, installation and after service have been superb. I cannot recommend highly enough and the hot tub has been a great addition to our home in France."

Stephen Ulph - August 2023


From the minute anyone gets in touch I always have your best interests in mind. Whether it is providing location, base or delivery advice, I can guarantee you won’t get any automated responses. You will always receive a personal verbal or written response. If I'm not available to take a call or reply to a message, I always try to ensure that I reply within 24 hours. And don't forget that when you do call us you're not being put through a call centre. You are going to get me every time – whether it's on our France or UK mobile number - and I won't leave you on hold for ages.

I'll also let you know if we have got any in stock so you can have your dream tub or sauna even faster. At the time of writing we have a Glyme and Winchcombe - at the old prices! - just waiting to be ordered.

Weighing Up The Costs

Sometimes, I do wonder whether I'm a bit of a pain, because often I'll follow up after your initial enquiry with alternative suggestions, or if we have an offer on the horizon. Ultimately, my aim is to ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision before setting off on your hot tub or sauna sales journey.

Once, you have made your decision, me and Tim are available to talk you through the nitty-gritty details to make sure the delivery is as safe and smooth as possible. Lots of emails and photos - and sometimes Tim's sketches - will follow. This ensures that you and us have got all the information we need to prepare for the delivery stage. There's none of this 'off the top of my head' pricing malarkey. I always use a diesel and toll road calculator to price the cost of the journey to your home, and if you are local, we deliver for free.

Ready For Action

Bear in mind, at this point all you have had to pay is a 10% deposit - unlike our competitors who want the whole amount as soon as you order. Our delivery and customer service doesn't stop at the kerbside either. Once we've got all the details we need we're ready for action on delivery day.


"Despite the challenging access, Tim and Simon managed to place the hot tub smoothly. Emails/questions were being answered very quickly by Nicola. What a great team to deal with!

We are very pleased with our hot tub and enjoy our countryside view now even more from our steamy hot tub. If you're looking for a hot tub, this is the company you need. Excellent service and wonderful product."

Nico Van der veen


Having now installed more than 300 hot tubs, Tim has developed a string of strategies to get tubs into tight spaces, over walls and safely around flower beds. Sometimes all we ask is for an extra pair of hands to be available, if and when required.

Having done a bit of online research, for a personal delivery service and set up into the garden, most companies charge up to 460€. We don't charge you a penny (or a centime) extra.

If you've ever wondered why you only see Tim on the photos it's because I'm normally the one behind the camera.

Smiles All Round

When we are on site we love it when we get offered a cup of tea and a biscuit. But what's even better is seeing the beaming smiles on our happy customers faces.

Before we leave you to experience hot tub heaven, we'll talk you through using and caring for your new wood-fired retreat. Then, with a wave and a smile we drive away, happy in the knowledge that our new customers are also extremely happy - and that's a great feeling. I honestly I can't remember any delivery where the hose pipe hasn't gone straight into the hot tub, or heard excited conversations about who's going in first.

After Sales Service

A few days after the delivery I will call or email to check everything's going well and to ask if you need any additional advice. I always ask for feedback too because I understand that it is often not easy to remember to do it. But as long as I know all is well, then I'm happy.

So when you are shopping around, remember that our hot tub and sauna prices don't include any hidden extras. You can trust us to be open and honest about the whole package. Plus our price also includes our personal customer care service and as we're based in France we are happy to help with any after sales situations. You can't get better than that.

You Get What You Pay For

I think my Mum would be really pleased with the way that me and Tim run our business. And I think she would also be proud that we provide exceptional service, value and quality at a good price. And remember, a bargain isn't always a good buy.

If you've got any questions or need expert honest advice about ordering or maintaining a wood-fired hot tubs or sauna, please get in touch. We're here to help. Happy Hot Tubbing!

Call Nicola on 0749 19 46 84 or email

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