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More Happy Hot Tub Businesses

I'm sure most of you will have realised by now that I like to do some occasional hot tub research, purely for the benefit of keeping potential and existing customers well-informed. During a recent catch-up with our suppliers we discussed the year so far regarding hot tub sales in the UK and France, and the conversation moved on to holidays (as it often does with me). Now whether it's because families couldn't spend time together because of COVID, or because of reduced household income due to enforced closures. It could also have been because of the restrictions on foreign travel, so people had no choice but to book a UK holiday. Whatever the reason, running a holiday camp site or holiday let in the UK suddenly became highly competitive - especially when the end of lockdown was in sight. And guests wanted extra 'finishing touches' to help make their family and friends reunions more memorable.

With the surge in 'staycations', UK holiday parks and holiday home owners had to find ways to enhance their facilities that were quick, easy and affordable. And that's why Cotswold Eco Tubs has seen a huge increase not just in personal orders, but also from businesses. Savvy holiday business owner realised that investing in a hot tub was a way to increase bookings, charge more and potentially extend the holiday season.

Perfect solution

The Cotswold Eco Tubs range of wood-fired hot tubs is the perfect solution for small or large holiday businesses; from the divine 2-seater Glyme (shown above) for one or two bed holiday homes, and romantic weekend stays; through to the 8/9 seater Winchcombe for campsites and post-lockdown reunions. The other obvious benefit with the fibreglass tub is that it can be emptied, sanitised and refilled in less about 60 minutes. This is perfect for changeover days, because separate cleaning or maintenance activities can be done while the tub is emptying and refilling. Happy owners. Happy guests.

Business owners 2021

It isn't just happening in the UK though. We have also seen a steady increase in the number of holiday businesses in France ordering from us. So over the next few weeks I'll be putting these businesses in the spotlight and sharing posts about the type of accommodation, location and facilities. There was great feedback after last year's series, and I'm pleased to say that this included people who recommended some of the properties to friends and relatives.

One of our first holiday business customers was Chez Lussaud Boutique Gites, in the Charente. Because I like to keep in touch with our happy hot tub owners, I recently contacted Meg and asked if she had any feedback she wanted to share about the tubs.

"One of the things we have noticed is that many enquiries ask if the hot tubs are open (even though I state they are all year) so the tubs are a big draw particularly when the pool is closed. And with covid, the fact that it is a ‘water feature’ that is private and not shared is also a plus".

Meg Smallshaw, Chez Lussaud

Get in touch

So I'll be getting in touch with all of this years new business owners - and not just those in the tourism industry - and asking them if they want to share their story. If I accidentally miss anyone, please get in touch. We should all be supporting small local businesses and this is Hot Tubs In France doing our bit to help you.

If you are interested in finding out more about how owning a tub could help boost your tub then make sure you subscribe below to receive our newsletters and blog posts on the day they're published. Better still come and see us at Hot Tubs HQ this Sunday 12th September. We'll be there all day telling everyone about all the personal health and business benefits of owning a Cotswold Eco Tub. If you prefer to book a slot just call, email or message us via Facebook. We can give you lots of useful and honest advice, tell you about our current offers, and give a live demo of the hot tub in action. Happy Hot Tubbing!

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