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Hot Tubs In France at Espoir Nature 26th June

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Espoir Nature, 11 Rue du Bois Naudouin, 79110, Loubillé

After a very successful day at Forest Meadow Retreat last weekend, and confirmation that our hot tubs delivery is arriving this week, we are both in a happy mood. Perhaps it's the joy of having a little bit more freedom, or maybe it's because of the Super Flower Blood Moon this week - who knows? I'm certainly not feeling as stressed as I was a few days ago. I've been busy chatting with lots of lovely people who will soon be receiving their brand new hot tubs. One of the tubs is going all the way to Normandy. It's our longest delivery trip to date, and just goes to show that we really do cover the whole of France. Distance no object for Hot Tubs In France! (Remind me of that when we get back from our 14 hour round trip).

Looking forward

So, as well as liaising with customers and helping Tim with the deliveries, I'm also talking to business owners and arranging several summer hot tub events. Although the pandemic means we will probably attend fewer Open Days and events this year, the ones we have got lined up are really exciting. They're different locations to last year's Hot Tubs Tour, but I'm not going to spoil it by telling you all the venues just yet, as we are waiting for one or two confirmations. However, I can share with you the date and location for our next fantastic event. Hot Tubs In France will be at Espoir Nature ferme pédagogique in Loubillé on Saturday 26th June.

Educational farm

The farm is completely different to anywhere else we have ever been. And I'm really looking forward to meeting Laetitia and her husband Yohan, and finding out how they find the time to run the educational farm, local produce shop and horticultural market. As a non-profit association they have volunteers who help out, but still it must take an awful lot of planning. Their onsite family animations and workshops have been on hold during the COVID-19 lockdown, but that doesn't mean they were able to put their feet up. All the animals still need feeding and looking after, whatever the weather. But they have also rebuilt enclosures for most of the animals and birds, constructed a huge new plant shed, and converted part of the main building into a Producer's Shop. And did I mention that Laetitia is also a busy French language teacher?

Caring for the environment

A lot of the animals at Espoir Nature have been rescued, and have previously suffered from sickness, mistreatment and abuse. Some still shows signs of ill-treatment, but at the farm they are all well cared for and get lots of attention. Laetitia and her team organise regular activities to show children how to look after their pets, clean them and hold them properly, etc., but also how to care for the environment. Recent animations have included creating a bug hotel, identifying wild flowers, and nature walks in the surrounding area. There is something here for everyone, and for all ages. Actually, when we are there on 26th June there is a 'Build a bat gite' workshop. If you think this would interest the kids (or adults) and you would like to attend, then make sure you get in touch with Laetitia via Facebook. Or call 05 17 30 17 31 to book your place. I might see if Tim wants to go on this - sounds right up his street.

Other news

The other news that I have been dying to tell you is that at the end of June we are taking delivery of a new Hydro version of the Burford Deluxe, aptly named the Burford Hydro Edition. They will be in stock and ready for delivery at the end of next month. The main differences between the two tubs are that the Hydro edition has a single internal high intensity LED light, instead of the 6 smaller ones in the Deluxe; the insulated lid comes as standard, and there is a new exciting edition of a state-of-the-art combined air and hydro massage system. These tubs will normally sell for 5897€ (incl. TVA), but as a special Open Day offer you can buy one for just 5500€ and have it delivered and installed for the beginning of July. This is just too good an offer to miss. The model has been selling fast in the UK because of the new massage system, and I think they will fly out in France as well.

Come and see us at the farm

So, if you are in the area and fancy a day out, come and see us on Saturday June 26th at Espoir Nature. By then we will all be able to travel with fewer restrictions, and more places will be open. It is still going to be a very well-organised, COVID-safe event though, and apart from the shop, everything is outdoors. Give us a call, or send us a message to book your slot with Hot Tubs In France. We can give you lots of advice and information if you are thinking of buying or hiring a hot tub. And we'll have all the details about the exciting new Burford Hydro Edition available too.

"Beautifully designed with relaxation and luxury in mind".. that's the Burford Deluxe eco-friendly wood-burning hot tub. If you don't believe me, come and see for yourself.

To contact Hot Tubs In France, call direct on 0749 19 46 84.

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